Some Firsts

We had lots of firsts this past week.

1. We had our first official outing as a family to Wyatt's first college basketball game! He sat with us through the whole thing and looked around with his wide eyes. I don't think he even really cried once (just a couple hungry whimpers here and there). He must like basketball.

2. Derek and I had our first date without Wyatt. Derek planned the whole thing. We dropped Wyatt off at my mom's, then we stopped and got a Starbucks and then Derek took me shopping. After that we saw "Tangled" at the dollar theater, and topped off the afternoon with a bit more shopping and a Dairy Queen!

3. Derek pointed out that our date was the first time I've been anywhere without Wyatt in 10+ months - I hadn't thought about it that way, but it's true! I must say, I had slight separation anxiety, and even though I hoped he was doing okay with his grandma and aunt, I kind of hoped that he missed me a little bit too.

Already scrunching when Mama kisses his cheeks. Get used to it, Kiddo - it's not stopping anytime soon! (Actually he was upset about the wind, not my kissing him - just thought I'd clarify.)

4. I went clothes shopping for the first time since Wyatt was born this week. It was pretty fun to go into a normal store and buy normal clothes and have them actually fit again. Derek let me spend $55 on eight new shirts, two new layering tanks, a skirt, and a pair of shorts (my wardrobe needed a pick-me-up). I thought that was a pretty decent amount of stuff for $55, so I was pretty happy! Here are a couple of my finds:

5. Wyatt wore shoes for the first time. And I am in love with his adorable little feet:

See what I mean?

But I am even more in love with his adorable little face! This is my new favorite picture of my little man.

He looks so mischevious! It cracks me up.

6. And the big one . . .

Wyatt went six hours between feedings on Saturday night - which translates into five straight hours of sleep for me and Derek. This is clearly a milestone! If he keeps this up we'll be sleeping through the night before he turns two months old. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Snoozing in his car seat - it's so funny the positions he likes to sleep in.

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Anne said...

I love all the photos of Wyatt! And I bet you were so excited to go shopping for regular clothes. You got a lot of stuff for $55. I love getting cute clothes for cheap!

chloƫ. said...

So fun! He is such a cute baby!! And you wear the post-partum look so well. Hope I bounce back as quickly as you!!

Emily Powell said...

haha...he does look mischevious!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Wow, great deal on all those clothes! Gotta love a little shopping once in awhile! :)
Hubby took me to see "Tangled" and we really enjoyed it!

Wyatt is such a cutie! What a precious litle guy! :)

Ashley said...

Aww, those are some great firsts!! I love that picture of him too! (he does have an awfly cute smile and a little mischeiveous look in that one!) And yay for more sleep!

Unknown said...

How FUN is this post! I just love it! You go girl! And go Wyatt! 5 hours!! woo hoo!

Unknown said...

Aww how fun! I am so happy you had such a good weekend :) I also am very impressed that you got all that for $55..nice!

Melanie said...

You got some great deals on your clothes!! And Wyatt looks SO sneaky in that one picture..funny!!

Amber said...

Aww! Yay for the firsts! I LOVE that little striped jacket he's wearing. So stinking cute! Do you have your pre-preggo body back now? Wow! Way to go!!

Lyndsey said...

Good for y'all for making time for a date! That's the one piece of advice I keep getting from mothers - make sure you & hubs make time for each other.

And good job Wyatt for being such a good sleeper!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see Tangled! Will have to wait for it on Netflix though.
Yay for shopping deals!

Kayla Rae said...

He is too cute! Love his little smirk!

HIS daughter said...

I saw tangled in the dollar theater the other week AND LOVED IT!!!! :) She reminded me of myself lol :)
Those little shoes are so adorable and I am so glad you got to go and get new clothes :) That is always so much fun :)

Jessica said...

How did you like Tangled? I thought it was so cute!!

Love seeing all those pictures of Wyatt!! Keep 'em comin! Haha

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