When You're Stuck On The Couch

I have a confession.

The past several weeks, I've spent an unusual amount of time watching TV. Between my modified bedrest before Wyatt was born, the lazy week and a half after he came home (with lots of newborn naps), and an infection that left me with a fever and very little energy last week . . . Redbox has been a good friend.

There were a couple movies that we watched over the last couple weeks that pleasantly surprised me.

Knight And Day

I wasn't really aware of the plot of this movie before we rented it, but Derek and I like action movies, so we thought we'd give it a shot.

There was some language that I did not appreciate, but this movie stood out to me because it wasn't a typical action movie - it was really funny! The personality of the agent in the movie was very humorous. Derek and I found ourselves laughing quite a bit, and overall it was very clean for a PG-13 movie.

You Again

I wasn't expecting alot from this movie, but for some reason I was curious to see it. I figured it was going to be one of those movies with the arch-enemies doing awful things to each other, and not much of a plot besides that, as in Bride Wars (that movie disappointed me).

It was much better than that. The main characters did do some awful things to each other, but it wasn't overkill, and it wasn't the main premise of the movie - it fit into the story line, and in the end everyone makes up and gets along. I love happy endings, and movies that leave me feeling good, and this one did, so it was a winner to me!

Has anyone else seen any movies lately that surprised them (in a good way)?

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Brittney Galloway said...

Oh, I'll have to rent that first one! I like a good action movie with some comedy thrown in also! I saw You Again and was pleasantly surprised as well. Though I secretly wanted the "enemy," to stay that way and not become a likable character!

Anonymous said...

Knight & Day is a good movie!

chloƫ. said...

127 Hours! Okay I wasn't surprised it was good, but seriously, it was good! Definitely need to watch it soon.

And I've heard good things about Knight and Day...which IS surprising considering it has Tom Cruise, haha. Glad you and baby are getting some nice entertaining rest! :)

Anne said...

I've heard Knight and Day is good, it's on my list of movies to see. I haven't seen any good ones recently though. We saw a terrible movie that I didn't finish watching and still wish I could get that time back on Saturday, but no winners recently.

Julie said...

I saw both of those movies as well and enjoyed them! Knight and Day was such a funny action movie, I laughed the entire time!

I also saw You Again when I was sick and it was just what I needed - something happy!

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