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I figured it was about time I joined the rest of a blogging world and make a button. So if you do the button thing, here's mine!

I also signed up for this Top Baby Blogs website. I figured it might be a fun way to find new bloggers. I don't have a ranking yet, so if you want to, you can vote for me by clicking through with one of these links. And if you join, I'll vote for you too.

Vote For Us @!

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all annoying about the voting thing.

And in other blogging news, I have a mom/baby feature in the works . . . more on that to come. If you have any questions you'd like to ask new moms, please let me know!

Mm'kay, that's all for now! I may or may not be off to watch the royal wedding that I DVR'd (*ahem*). At least until we have to leave for my doctor's appointment this afternoon. Prayers for good news about my blood clot are appreciated!

I hope you each have a fabulous weekend!

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Amanda said...

i hope your doctor's appointment goes well. love your new button too! :) i am "blog" i don't have a cool layout or a button. lol! i don't know how to do any of that.

Meghan said...

You are too cute! Excited to read the new feature. Prayers headed your way today.

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Looking forward to seeing the new stuff on your blog!

Can't wait to watch the wedding after work today! It's sitting on my TiVo just begging to be watched!

Melissa said...

Ooh! I will put your button on my blog. :)

Inspired said...

Added your button!
Great design.

Also, can you help me figure out how to add the "You might also like..." to the bottom of each post?

I have a 'most popular posts' section but love that at the end of each blog there are suggestions that take me deeper into your blog!


Tatiana said...

Excited about "moms and babies" :-)
I hope things go really well for you at the appointment. Praying for ya sweet girl :-)

Melanie said...

Love your button! I'll add it to my blog asap! Can't wait to read more about the new stuff on your blog as well..sounds fun and exciting!

She Said... said...

I totally posted your button on my blog :)

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