Catching Up

Even though my laptop was down last week, and then I spent the weekend in the hospital, I did keep up on reading all your blogs! I'm a big fan of my iPod Touch, because I use my Google Reader on the go, as long as there is a Wi-Fi network available.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to actually type out comments on my iPod. So I don't comment as much as I'd like to when I read blogs on it, because it takes way too long. Hence why my commenting may have been sporadic over the last week.

These are a few of the comments I wanted to leave on some of your posts! There are even more comments that I wanted to make last week, but this is just a sampling. I suppose I could just go back and find all those posts and comment now, but this is more fun.

Hopefully I can get caught up on my blog reading again, since I have my new laptop up and running, and I'm officially spending most of my day on the couch.

Kara: Your "time-wasters" post was hilarious! I was very amused.

Chloe: I definitely struggle with complaining too. I appreciated your post on the subject - it's a good reminder, especially right now, because I really want to complain but I know I shouldn't.

Anne: Love the coffee decals you put in your kitchen!

Haley: I'm totally impressed with the dress you made for Sophie.

Felicia: I'm coming back to enter your fabulous giveaway! I want to win. Please consider this my blog post about it!

Anna: I can't wait to find out the gender of your new little one on the 6th, and Christian is getting so big! Also, I have that prenatal workout DVD too, but I was terribly inconsistent on using it while I was pregnant.

Rachel: Your maternity pictures are beautiful! You look great. Can't wait to meet Henry!

Emily: So funny that Jonathon is so afraid you'll fall - and I woke up in the middle of the night once with a muscle cramp when I was pregnant and scared Derek to death too!

Amanda Godin: Your post on Gideon was so beautiful - I know your TTC story will bring God glory, and I can't wait to see how He will continue to work in your life through this!

Leanna: Love your plans for Sprig's room!

Melanie, Jaime, Annie, and Jessie: Your pregnant bellies make me smile.

Brittney: Glad Grace is doing so well and is falling into a good schedule!

Shay: That new wedding band your hubby bought you is gorgeous, and I just tried EOS lip balm recently and it's my new favorite!

Claire: I love your new blog design!

Amanda: Your new hairdo is fabulous! And I always have a hard time taking non-smiling pictures too - it just doesn't feel right.

Okay, that's plenty of delayed comments, I think! Back to the normal routine . . .

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chloƫ. said...

aww your sweet! praying for an abnormally quick recovery for you so you can get back to taking care of your sweet little baby!

Inspired said...

I think this would be a great monthly thing to direct people to posts we love or things we commented on. I found a bunch of new blogs to follow this way.

Thanks for sharing!
Alex @ Inspired

Annie said...

i have never used my ipod touch to read blogs, i need to test that out!!
i've been horrible at commenting lately as well, i read but clicking each blog to comment has been hard since i've been so busy at work and that's my blogging time ;)
i'm glad you're back home! take it easy hun and enjoy your precious little guy!!

Anna said...

How fun! Thanks for including me! I've been a terrible commenter lately, but I have no excuse other than just not feeling like it. I've been reading all of your posts avidly as usual though!

Shay said...

Thanks Callie, I love EOS and apparently they have lotion and stuff too. Ill be looking for it. I love my ring and thanks for the sweet comment about my foot.

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Haha I love it Callie!! You showed us all love and spread the word about our blogs. So wonderful. :) I'm with Alex - it's a neat idea to do on a monthly basis.

Melanie said...

What a fun post Callie!!! Hope your getting better from your surgery! Lots of preggo bellies out there to keep you smiling in the meantime..ha!! :-)

Amanda said...

thanks callie!!! :) i'm glad someone else has trouble with the no smiling thing too!

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