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I always like reading the Good Friday and Easter posts this time of year. Jesus's death and resurrection is something that should be remembered well and celebrated with gusto for those of us who believe in Him!

The meaning behind Resurrection Day is just as significant as Christmas, or more so - because without His sacrifice, we could not be justified, and without His resurrection, we could not be saved.

That's pretty big.

Here are some good posts from some blogging friends of mine. Enjoy!

"God keeps reminding me - of what value is my bitterness, impatience or resentment in light of the cross?" -Chloe, In Light Of The Cross

"And then I had an epiphany. I realized that there is no adequate response. There is no way we could ever begin to express our gratitude or try to give something in return that would even be close, and that to try to muster up the right feelings or emotions is just trying to earn grace." -Anne, Good Friday

"Although our hearts should be intentional on praising God every day for this grace He provided through Jesus' sacrifice on the is a day that we should reevaluate our hearts and truly consider if we are living grace-filled, thankful lives for what our sweet Savior did for" -Cait, Not Just Any Friday

"As a mother, this Easter means something different to me. I think of Jesus' mother Mary, watching her perfect child as He walked carrying the heavy cross in which He'd be crucified on. I cringe just at the thought of her pain and watching her son suffer knowing that there was nothing she could do to prevent what was to happen." -Meghan, in an untitled Good Friday post.

"I reflect on my brokenness and his sacrifice today...and tomorrow I sing praises in honor of his resurrection and that he is alive! Death could not claim him and the tomb could not contain him - and now we too are victorious over it as well." -Page, Carried To The Table

I hope that you each take time this Resurrection Day to reflect on and celebrate the incredible love and grace our Savior has shown us!

There is nothing more beautiful to be found in life than that.

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed.

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Meghan said...

Thanks so much for the shout out... I actually read your post from yesterday and felt inspired to write what was on my heart, too. Love reading your blog!

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