The Urgent Care Story

This is a long story, so I'm starting it tonight and I'll finish it tomorrow!

On Friday I went down to town to get my new laptop. I was pretty excited to come home and get it set up and play with it a little bit, and I was also looking forward to having an afternoon at home with Wyatt, because I've been on the go so much this past week.

When I took Wyatt out of the car and walked over to my front door. I set his car seat on the ground and got out my keys to open the door - I shifted my weight from my left leg to my right, and that's when it happened.

I heard and felt a pop in my right knee, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I screamed because my leg was suddenly in horrible pain. Every time I tried to straighten my leg I couldn't help but give a little cry - I couldn't straighten it.

I was stuck there on the ground outside my front door, because I couldn't move without hurting myself.

Looking back, I'm so glad that I wasn't holding Wyatt when it happened, and that I was right there at my front door. The Lord was watching out for us.

I was able to scoot myself through the front door with my good leg, and I dragged Wyatt's car seat with me - he was crying because he was hungry. I lifted myself up into our desk chair, which is right next to the front door, and tried to call Derek and my mom (thankfully my cell phone was right there when I fell, or I would have been in a predicament).

I sat there in the chair and somehow managed to get Wyatt out of his car seat and feed him while I made some phone calls. I was bawling the entire time from pain and frustration. I got the top of Wyatt's head all wet.

After a few tries, I was able to get a hold of Derek and he left work right away to come help me - but he was still an hour away, so I called my parents. They happened to be two hours away visiting my grandpa, but they left as soon as I told them what happened, because they wanted to be there in case we needed help with Wyatt. So I tried calling my brother, and thankfully he was close by and able to come be with me until Derek got home.

Boy, it was an ordeal trying to get me back into the car so we could go to the doctor. My brother and Derek tried to stabilize my leg while they wheeled me out in the desk chair. It hurt. Every time my knee got jostled or any time I tried to straighten it, I could feel something poking out the right side of the joint - I was sure something was dislocated.

We got down to the closest urgent care center, and they got a wheelchair to take me into the building. It was difficult to get back out of the car too - everything was painful.

The people there were just rude. Wyatt started crying, but I thought he was probably just a little gassy, because he usually eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and I didn't think it was close to that yet (he was actually hungry, because it was later than I originally thought - I was in pain and didn't have a clock, so obviously my sense of time was a bit off).

Anyway, since I thought it hadn't been that long since I fed him, I said to Derek that he might just be a little gassy, and one of the aids or nurses or whatever started insisting that my baby was hungry and basically laughing at me for my ignorance.

Excuse me, but I think I know my baby better than you do, and if he gets fussy in between feedings he usually has to burp or is just tired! Sheesh. Then when I was actually able to see a clock and realize how late it actually was, we gave him a bottle, and then she made a big deal about how right she was. So my visit did not get off to a good start.

The nurse came out to call my name to go back and she just stood there at the door staring at me, waiting for me to move. I was thinking "Um, you saw how hard it was for me to get out of the car - what do you expect me to do, just get up and walk back there?" Then I tried to wheel myself back there and they acted like I was stupid because the brake was still on the wheelchair - like I'm supposed to know how to work the stupid thing. I've never operated a wheelchair before.

Finally Derek started wheeling me back, and the first thing she said when we got in the room was that I was going to have to take my pants off and get up on the table. At this point I was already pretty irritated, and I told her that just wasn't happening. So she left the room and came back and took me to a different room with a lower examination table and I had to maneuver from the wheel chair to the table.

Gracious, then the doctor came in, and she was ten times worse than the nurse. She came in and said "So what's the problem, why don't you want to take your pants off?" I told her that I couldn't move my leg because of the pain! She insisted that they needed to come off for the exam, and I said that I could try. She then proceeded to tell me how I should do it. I repeated that I would try, but that I was in alot of pain.

Then she just stared at me like she didn't know what to do with me. I hate it when doctors do that. She repeated again how she needed me to get my pants off for the exam. I was pretty irritated at her at this point and I told her "Okay, I said I would try - do want me to try now or what?" Finally she got the hint and left!

Derek and I worked my pants off (and the way she suggested did not actually work, by the way), and she came back to look at me knee. She proclaimed right there that it was not dislocated and said that we needed to straighten it for an x-ray. I told her that I couldn't straighten it. She then asked me about a bazillion times whether I physically couldn't straighten it, or if I just didn't think I could because I thought it would hurt. I told her about a billion times that I didn't know if I could physically straighten it, because when I tried to straighten it I was in terrible pain and it felt like I was going to damage something.

She told me that she could "guarantee" that I wasn't going to damage anything, and then she told Derek that I was just scared. She then tried to move my leg at the hip while holding my knee steady and it hurt. When I grimaced she said, "Okay, you know I didn't actually move your knee at all there". I shrugged my shoulders and said "Okay, I'm just telling you that it hurts!"

Basically she was trying to convince me that it was just in my head, and I just didn't want to move it because I was afraid it would hurt.

I was in tears of frustration at this point. The doctor told me she couldn't understand why I couldn't straighten it, and she wanted to give me Vicodin to get rid of the pain so I could straighten it for the x-ray, otherwise we would have to go to the ER. The Vicodin would be a problem with feeding Wyatt, but she even suggested that I could give him a little milk and just see if it made him sleepy! I'm sorry, but I don't want to experiment on my baby, thank you. I took the Vicodin and just planned to throw the milk out for a day or so.

My mom came back at this point (my parents and sister were there at the urgent care with us, watching Wyatt), and when she saw how upset I was, she asked Derek to get my dad so he could hear how they were treating me too. So Derek went to get my dad.

When Derek asked my dad to come back, the doctor said that my dad couldn't come back. What? She said they had a one person limit. Derek said that my mom and him were already back there, so that was already past the limit, but she insisted my dad couldn't come back.

That was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back. The doctor mentioned that maybe we should go to the ER, and Derek said that we were going to the ER because he was very unhappy with how they were treating me.

Derek can sometimes be pretty vocal about speaking his mind to people, and sometimes I give him a hard time about it, but I was sure glad he told that lady what he thought. In this country, as of now anyway, patients are customers, and we're under no obligation to go to a specific doctor. There's no excuse for treating a patient like that.

So I made the painful trip back to the car, said a tearful goodbye to Wyatt because my parents were going to take hime for a little while, and then off to the ER we went.

This post is already far too long, so I'm going to put the rest of the story in another post.

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LeAnna said...

Good-ness! I think some urgent care centers hire personnel that have no clue how to handle anything other than the basics. It's not all of them, but I've heard a lot of people say they won't step foot into their local urgent care centers. Which is a shame! Hope you're doing better now...

Page said...

Callie - I am so sorry about your ordeal!!! And that is terrible about Urgent Care - sounds very cruel and unprofessional. I'm not sure we've ever had a good experience at one of those either! That had to be awful for you in so many ways...praying the end of the story includes someone being nice to you and your knee feeling better!!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

That's just horrible! You are already in enough pain, and they just make it worse! Unbelievable! I hope you got much better treatment at the ER....

Melanie said...

Doctors!!!!! Talk about totally being glad you got out of urgent care and to the er..hope they treated you better there!!

Amber said...

Oh my GOSH! Just reading this makes me want to give those people a piece of my mind! You poor thing!!

Melissa said...

Ughhhh!!! That whole story just makes me so mad!!! Why in the world would DOCTORS & NURSES be so mean & ridiculous?! Even if you WERE making it all up, you are still supposed to treat people with care!! That's just awful! :(

So sorry you had to go through that! Bad enough being in pain, but to be treated like that on top of it!

Mandie said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry to hear that you had this awful experience. How scary to be alone with Wyatt and not able to move around. I'm amazed at how many Dr's and nurses are not respectful of or sympathetic to breastfeeding. I recently had a situation in the ER where a Dr. wanted me to take a medication that is not recommended for use while breastfeeding and when he found out that it was my 13 month old that I was nursing he told me to 'get him off that and give him some food'. I couldn't believe it. I can't imaging how traumatic it would be for my son to suddenly stop nursing now even though he does eat food and would nutritionally be fine. I hope you had a better experience in the ER and are on the mend now.

Brittney Galloway said...

Oh Goodness Callie! That treatment is just ridiculous! I'm sorry it was such a bad incident!

Kayla Rae said...

Wow I can't believe how rude they were, that is awful! :(

cait said...

oh my this post made me angry FOR you! can anyone treat anyone like that?! much less a doctor's office treating a patient like that. So glad you all headed to the ER...grr!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is just awful! I am so sorry you were treated this way!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sorry you had to deal with this! I can't believe how awful those people were to you!

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