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1. Today is April Fool's Day. Growing up, my brother and sister and I would think of all kinds of "pranks" to play on each other. They were all just harmless little pranks. Like taping the handle of the sprayer down on the sink, so that when someone turned the water on they would get sprayed, or putting fake spiders in the cereal, or stuffing each other's shoes, or putting beans in each other's beds. Ah, good times. Maybe I need to think of a little, harmless joke to play on Derek today . . .

2. Wyatt was fussy all day yesterday. He usually has one period during the day when he's a little fussy - I think he gets the occasional stomach ache. But yesterday he just cried all day - I think he has a touch of colic. Yuck. He's doing better today, but I was wondering if any of you had any advice on what to do to help with colic?

My boy and me - he wasn't feeling good yesterday.

3. I wanted to take Wyatt on a walk yesterday, but it was very windy, so I thought we'd better not go after all. Then I was hoping to take him today. But the wind keeps kicking up and dying down on and off, so I don't know whether to chance it today or not. Hopefully we'll actually have a nice day soon so we can have our first trip outside.

4. I still didn't do that great with my diet this week - my sugar intake is still too much, I think. Though I only made fudge once this week - that's something, right?

So, I have this really cool diet analysis program on my computer - I had to get it for my nutrition class in college, and I still have it on my laptop, so I've been recording my diet in it this week. I think actually having to write down everything I eat helps me not to eat quite as much junk - though sometimes I still throw caution to the wind and eat what I want. According to the program, I haven't gone over my calorie allotments once this week - but I'm getting extra calories right now.

Here are my average intake stats this week, according to the program:

Calories: 72%

Protein: 115% (Wow, I didn't realize I ate so much protein.)

Carbs: 72%

Fats: I could have more Omega-6 fatty acids in my diet, apparently.

Vitamins and Minerals: I'm doing pretty good on my intake of all the vitamins and minerals, except for folate - but this isn't taking into consideration that I'm still taking my prenatal vitamins, and they contain a good amount of folate. Still, I'd like to get more from actual food sources.

General stats for the week:

Inches around my waist (at it's widest point): 32 1/2 inches. Slightly better - I'll take it.

Diet: Still way too much simple sugar, but I guess I'm doing okay on calories. Could be better.

Workouts: 4 (counting the one I'm planning to do today.)

5. I broke out the sewing machine, and I decided to work on a project - making burp cloths for some of my friends who are having babies soon. My dear blogging friends, Anne and Amanda, sent me some beautiful hand-made gifts when I was pregnant with Wyatt, and I was so touched, so I thought I'd try my hand at making some hand-made gifts as well. Funny how I used to hate sewing, until I had a baby . . . it's so much more fun when you're sewing for your own baby, and that was just enough to get me started, I guess! I'm having fun with it now.

Oh, there's Wyatt crying again - poor boy. I hope this isn't a repeat of yesterday . . .


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Unknown said...

Loving the new blog design! And what a great diet program to have! Hope Wyatt is feeling better.

Shay said...

Poor babykins. I hope he feels better. My toddler is being fussy this week too.

Unknown said...

It sounds like you are doing good with the diet thing. I find that when I try to be too restrictive it always backfires on me :) I know you will get there. I hope Wyatt is feeling better today!

Amber said...

Poor little boy! Hope he feels better soon...

Isn't sewing for other people a lot more fun? For some reason, when it's for me...I don't have as much fun with it. Kind of weird.

Don't be too hard on yourself with the sugar...I think you're doing great for having just had a baby! :)

Brittney Galloway said...

I'm sorry Wyatt isn't feeling well. I hope he settles in and feels better soon. Can't wait to see what your sewing projects turn out like!

Anne said...

That nutrition program you have sounds cool. I think I need to start writing down what I am eating. I am doing a good job of working out, but I haven't really adjusted my diet yet. Hope you and Wyatt have a happy day!

LeAnna said...

Poor baby, being colicky is so hard. You might give gripe water a try. You can buy it at Walgreens.

Melissa said...

Your nutrition program sounds great & it sounds like you're doing well with it! I am trying to watch my sugar intake, too. Sparkpeople is another great site for recording what you eat - in case your readers are interested.

Sorry about the colic! I used to nanny a baby that had colic & he screamed ALL THE TIME. Then one day his mom was vaccumming & he was in his crib screaming...she vaccuumed in his room & he stopped. She took the vaccuum out & he screamed again. She put the vaccuum in the doorway & let it run & he stopped crying & went to sleep!! I read later that vibrations can sooth babies w/ colic. Idk if Wyatt has it that bad where he's screaming all day long, but i thought i'd share anyway! :)

Brittany Ann said...

Slow and steady changes are the key to a lasting diet. And you sound like you're doing just that, so good for you!

I will tell you, eating an appropriate amount of omega-3s and good fats will help your weight loss.

Mandie said...

I hope Wyatt is feeling better today. It's so heart breaking when they're crying and you don't know how to help. Does he seem to settle when you hold him or does he seem uncomfortable no matter what? If he's really gassy and hurting try laying him on his back and moving his legs up and down and in a bicycle motion. That helped my guy sometimes. Also, the gas drops have helped us too. Luckily gas was only an every once in a while issue for my baby. Mine was fussy but settled when I held him (he's a snuggler) so I got into baby wearing. I really liked the sleepy wrap, www.sleepywrap.com. It was so sweet to have him snuggled up in it with me but still be able to move about and have my hands relatively free. Hope this helps :)

Britt said...

I've been wanting to find a good (easy) sewing project to do for my pregnant friends, let me know how the burp cloths go!
I've been wanting to take my little Js (Jovi and Judah) out too but it's super windy here also. I think it's supposed to be pretty some this week though.
Wyatt is precious!! I hope he feels better soon!

The Clem Family said...

Hi. Sorry to hear Wyatt isn't feeling well. My kids have never had true colic so I don't have a ton of advice. However, I did have a thought...Is W at the 6-7 week mark? I think babies generally go through another growth spurt around that time. My little guys always get rather fussy for a few days around their growth spurts until my supply can increase to their demand (followed by really sleepy days). Just a thought.

I would recommend that you might want to try looking at what is in your diet to see if there is something you ate that upset him, but if he was upset all day, I doubt it was something in your diet. Hope he gets to feeling better!

Lori said...

I would love to hear how he is doing with the colic. Savannah had some pretty rough days and nights as well. I think she might finally be improving. I cut out a lot of foods that might have been giving her tummy ache, foods like chocolate, green vegetables, caffeine, spicy foods and saucy seasoned foods. Yes that is a lot, but I think I have seen a difference. Somedays I have no idea what I am gonna eat, it seems like I cant eat anything, but its worth it. I guess that only applies if you are breastfeeding. I would love to hear how hes doing!

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