How Old Are You?

So remember that poll question from last week?

There were a total of 57 votes! Here are the results:

If you can't quite read it, this is how it breaks down:

-12% (7) of you are students.
-40% (23) of you are stay at home wives and/or mothers.
-7% (4) of you are working part time.
-36% (21) of you work full time.
-3% (2) of you are self employed or work from home.

I think that's pretty interesting! I wouldn't have guessed that the percentages for stay at home wives/moms and those who work full time would be so dead even.

Okay, so next question in the "What-You-Might-Not-Blog-About" Poll Question Series (working on the name).

I don't mention my exact age on the blog. Go ahead, take a good look around. The only thing you'll find is "20-something". I mostly do this so that my exact birthday isn't easy to figure out - because that's not information I want the whole world having.

So if you're anything like me, you might not mention your exact age either. But if you vote in the poll, your age will still be completely anonymous. Works out well, right?

So vote away! I'll leave it up through next Tuesday.

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Unknown said...

This is really neat! I just found your blog on TBB and I'm already hooked. I'm your newest follower now ;)

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