A Little Ramdomness For Your Wednesday

Time for a little randomness I think.

I am having so much blogging inspiration this week, it's not even funny. I probably wrote five posts in the last two days, and they're just waiting in reserve until I need them. I love having posts like that to fall back on.

The overload of blogging inspiration is why I'm wasting a perfectly good blogging day on randomness. Because I have to get all of these thoughts out into blogland before I feel compelled to sit and write a post for each one.

I could do that, but really, I only want so many posts in reserve. If I have too many I get anxious to post them, and I want use them to their full advantage.

Wow, that was way more than I intended to say on the subject.

Anyway . . .


There really is nothing like real lemonade, no? And by real I mean from concentrate. Because there is no way I'd have the time and money to juice so many lemons to fill an entire pitcher, like whoever crazy person made this batch of lemonade:

Image from Simply Recipes. Click on the link if you want a recipe for really-truly-real lemonade.

But I'm perfectly happy with my semi-real lemonade. It says "summer".

But not like limeade does. Limeade is even better.


Just a couple random family updates . . .

I'm not sure if any of you remember me mentioning that my sister got engaged? Well, then she got un-engaged. It's a long story, but she absolutely did the right thing. Just thought I'd better mention it in case she gets engaged again one of these days - that way you're not all confused.

And my sister-in-law is pregnant again, so I'm going to be an aunt a second time! I'm so excited for them (and for me)!


I went to the hospital yesterday to have a check on my clot. It's still there. But it's smaller. This most likely means I'll be put on another round of lovenox injections - so not fun. Here I thought I was done with the poking and the bruising.

FYI: If you ever have to give yourself injections, avoid inserting the needle into an already bruised area. Even if it feels like there's no where left to go. Because it hurts to give yourself an injection into a bruise.


I'm thinking of doing a giveaway again soon. More on that to come.


I've realized that I never congratulated Emily and Melanie on the births of their baby girls! I'm slacking. So now that they are a month old . . . congratulations ladies, they are both adorable!


The votes on the latest poll are in! This time we got a whopping 76 votes. I'm thoroughly impressed.

The results are much like I expected. The majority of you are in your twenties, but I'm pretty pleased to see that there are some readers on either side of that too! No one over thirty-five though, at least no one who cares to vote.

Here's how it breaks down:

-There are 2 (2%) of you who are 20 or under.
-39 (51%) of you who are 21-25.
-26 (34%) in the 26-30 age range.
-There are 9 (11%) from 31-35.
-And no one over 35.

Update: Strike that, I was just informed that one of the "31-35" votes should have been an "over 35" vote! So there are bloggers from every age group mentioned! I love that.

Next question is on location! I try not to let my state be known on this blog. Alot of you probably have it figured out, but I just don't want it to be easy for people to figure out - you just never know who might come across your blog. So for those of you who also keep your location a secret, I completely understand.

But I'm curious to see how our blog community is distributed, so this way everyone can still keep their state a secret, but we can kind of see where everyone lives!

I'm going to basically break the contintental United States down into three segments. If your state is half in one option and half in another, just vote with the option that contains most of your state. Here's a map if you're geographically challenged like I am:

Picture from here.

Don't worry, I'm including options outside the continental U.S. too.

I have my suspicions of how the votes will go, but we'll see if I'm right.


And because no random post would be complete without pictures of my boy, here are a couple pictures of me and Wyatt on my birthday!

Derek gave me five different lotions from Bath and Body Works, in case you were wondering. He knows me so well - I like variety. I'm going to have sweet fragrances lingering about me all summer long!

And did I mention that Wyatt slept for 13 hours the night of my birthday?

Happy birthday to me.

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Amanda said...

I have a couple lovenox tips (But you may already know them. Sorry if I'm repeating something you've already learned):

1. When you start to give yourself the injection, look at the tip of the needle. If there is any of the medicine dripping off the end, shake it off. It can cause increased bruising if the medicine is on the needle when you stick it in.
2. Don't pop the protective cover over the needle until after you have pulled it out of your stomach. Some people do it whle the needle is still in the fat and the pressure of the plastic popping forward can cause more bruising too.

Jessica said...

I hope you don't have to do the injections again! For the past three months, I've had to have blood taken twice a month, two days apart to check hormone levels and things like that...it hurt SOOO much worse the second time, because my arm is already bruised from the first time. Anyway, I'm praying for you!

Also, happy late birthday! Can't remember if I said it already or not. Wyatt gave you a pretty nice present of sleeping for that long! haha!

Anna said...

I love it when I have a prolific blogging week. That actually happened to me last week. Idea after idea just flows in and I want to keep posting! I wish it happened more often! Your whole intro made me laugh. :)

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love having back up posts! it makes it easier to shut off the computer and take a break for a day.

Amber said...

I'm in total agreement on the lemonade. The stuff from concentrate is SO good!!

And I love the picture of you opening your gift. Wyatt looks so interested! Haha! So cute.

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Fun random post! I love it all :-) Especially that photo of lemonade... yum! Cool poll too, I am going to answer the one on location!

LeAnna said...

One of my favorite ways to make lemonade is with the RealLemon stuff. Beats the fresh in my humblest of opinions. ;) So sorry you have to go on another round of pokes. :/ My FIL has a blood clot in his brain, and they have him on all sorts of crazy stuff...
Adorable birthday pics, love that last one of Wyatt checking out what's in your bag.

cait said...

happy belated birthday!! Love that picture of you and Wyatt!!

Melissa said...

I hate that there are so few of us 30-something bloggers! I'm 33. I plan to keep blogging forever! :)

Melanie said...

Thanks Callie!! Hope you had a great birthday..sweet that Wyatt slept for 13 hours..wow!!!! Can't wait till Makayla does that!

E said...

Callie, thank you SO much for reading and commenting on my blog yesterday... I'm glad it brought me here! It really looks like we have a lot in common. :)

I'm your newest follower now too!

Ashley said...

Mmm, lemonade :). Sad that I can't drink much of it because of my stomach...:(. But anyway, I'm glad that you're able to get around and hopefully the clot will go away soon! Congrats to your sister-in-law - which one?

Anonymous said...

So I voted a few days ago, and clicked the wrong box totally on accident ... I'm over 35. So you can take one away from the 31-35 box and put 1 in the "over 35" box. Sorry for messing up your poll.

And that just sounds painful to give yourself a shot into a bruise spot, sorry :(

Awesome for all the blogging ideas you have stored up ... I'm feeling very much in a drought lately, another sad face :(

Julie S. said...

13 hours! Way to go Wyatt! :) That is so awesome! Glad your clot is smaller, but bummer that you might have to go on the medication. And I agree- limeade is the best thing about summer! I am totally wanting some right now!

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