To Derek On Father's Day

Dear Derek,

Happy 1st Father's Day! I am so proud of the man and father that you are!

I know that you'll teach Wyatt everything he needs to know about being a man, and that's so comforting to me. You are a strong, smart, godly man, and Wyatt will have a wonderful example to follow as he grows.

I love watching you and Wyatt together - I can already tell how much he loves his dad, and in a couple years you're going to have a "mini me" following you around!

We both love you very much, and I thank the Lord every day for how He blessed us in giving us you!

Love Always,

Callie and Wyatt

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Unknown said...

so sweet!

Kristy said...

Love that last picture!! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Your father's day posts are very sweet, love the pics.

Maegan :)

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