A Vote For Me?

So you know that Top Baby Blogs website that I'm a part of?

Well, they reset their stats every now and then, and everybody loses all the votes they've accumulated. So I'm basically back to zero.

I know this is how the website works, but I'm not sure I'm up for soliciting votes from my readers every few months. But I would like to be at least listed, and I need at least two or three votes for that.

Oh, I don't know. I'm torn. But I guess we'll give this another go, at least this time.

So if you've voted for me before, could you vote for me again? That way I can get back on the board. Just click on the little banner after my signature and then click to vote for me on the page that shows up.

Thank you much.

Vote For Us @ topbabyblogs.com!
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Amber said...

Voted! :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I know..it's a bummer! I'm on there too...well, was until they reset it. It's awkward to solicit yourself, I know. But no worries for you...I voted for you too so that makes at least 3 of us now! :)

She Said... said...

I voted for you! I just recently started the top baby blog things. I don't really care to try to get to the top, I just want to be listed so other mommy's can see that I even have a blog to look into. I am going to try it out for a little while... we'll see!

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