My Crazy Pre-Baby List

Do you all remember that ridiculously huge pre-baby to-do list I posted back in January?

Well, back then I was going to do a celebration post once the list was completed, but Wyatt-Boy decided to make an early appearance, so I never got around to it.

If you weren't around for the list post, go check it out now. It's pretty crazy.

Let's make fun of my obsessive-compulsive pregnant self, shall we?

In case you lost count, there were 42 items on the list. Forty-two! That would be alright if they were all simple, quick items, but the list included things like "Finish the basement" and "Scour the entire house until it's spotless".

Okay, it didn't actually say that, but that's what the list amounted to. Not exactly easy stuff.

Of course, there is no way my hugely pregnant self could do all this, so half the items on the list should have been on a separate "Things Derek Has To Do" list. And I was insistent that they had to be done.

Poor Derek - as if it isn't enough dealing with a hormonal, pregnant wife, he had to deal with a hormonal, pregnant wife with a list.

Can I just say, I'm sorry for putting you through that, Babe?

I actually lost sleep over completing items on the list, and I had a few emotional breakdowns when I was convinced that it would never get done. Um, Callie, you controlled the list - you could have just taken a few things off. But I could not be persuaded that anything on the list wasn't strictly necessary.

And of course it all had to be accomplished before February 10th, and no later, because once I was full-term, Wyatt could come at any time, theoretically. And if he did indeed arrive early, everything had to be ready.

I was going to start the next paragraph with "In all seriousness . . ." but then I realized that I am completely serious about everything in the above paragraphs. Sad, huh?

But honestly (that's better), it was a good thing that I had that list. Do you know that out of all those 42 items, there were only 4 that we didn't actually do?

1. Tear down the old closet shelves. We decided not to do this on purpose, because we left them up to use for clothes instead, since a closet re-do isn't in the near future.

2. Finish knitting Wyatt's baby blanket. This still isn't done, but honestly, it's okay. I had knitted enough of it that we were still able to use it for baby pictures, and I'll probably finish it in the fall when the knitting bug bites again.

3. Take our car seat to the fire station to get it installed properly. I was on modified bedrest the week I wanted to do this, so we never got it done. But it wasn't necessary anyway, because Derek got it installed perfectly.

4. Find a pediatrician. Had an appointment for the week before Wyatt was born, but then I was on bedrest and it didn't happen. But it all worked out anyway, and he had a doctor to go to the next week.

So even though I was crazy, irrational, obsessive, and stubborn about the list, it ended up paying off, because our home was completely organized and ready for Wyatt by the time he was born.

Oh, which, by the way, ended up being one day after I was full-term. I knew there was a reason I wanted everything done by February 10th.

And actually, there is one more thing on the list that wasn't completely checked off. That last one about planning a Valentine's Day getaway? Well, we planned it, but we ended up checking in to the hospital rather than the hotel, and we spent that weekend snuggling our baby instead.

I wouldn't have it any other way, because I have my sweet Wyatt! But I do think we need to plan a re-do on that item. Maybe for our anniversary?

What do you think, Hon? Would that make up for all those months of hard labor I put you through?

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Natalie said...

This is great! It definitely makes me feel better about my "MUST be done by baby" list! : )
I think that's a normal pregnant woman thing though-to want everything to be perfect when your baby gets here! Totally rational in my opinion (or maybe I can just say that because I'm going through it right now!)

Amber said...

Hahaha! So funny to look at the crazy things we did/said while pregnant!

Lauren said...

I love this! I can totally see myself being crazy, OCD about making a pre-baby list as well!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

I love it, Callie. I was totally the same way. Only Krew came a whole week late so I had to start adding items to my list. Seriously, while laboring at home I was sweeping the floor for the 10th time that week and scouring the stove because there was nothing left to do. I had cleaned and prepped everything I could think of. Nesting, I guess? Ahhh, to go back to a house like that haha. (But yes, we are crazy while we're pregnant.)

Anna said...

What is it about pregnancy that makes us so emotionally intense about things? I am losing sleep over baby names right now. I changed my mind about our choice and I have one that I love, but A.J. hasn't agreed to. I can't stop thinking about it. I guess it's in these minor areas that the Lord wants to teach me to trust Him and relinquish my desire for control.

But I think it's impressive you almost finished that list!

E said...

Thank you SO much for posting this. I'm going to be 38 weeks tomorrow and am absolutely FREAKING OUT about finishing things on my list. I'm going to make my husband read your post tonight so he feels a little less alone! Haha! :)

It is SO good to know that the world won't crumble and my baby won't be scarred for life if I don't get everything finished before he arrives.

P.S. Do you mind if I link to this later when I post my own list?

Jessica and Stephan said...

haha, that is too cute! I can only imagine that when my time comes, I would be similar. The poor guys and what they go through! LOL

Ashley said...

Hehe, I still can't get over the fact that only one day after you were full term, and the list items due, you had Wyatt. Totally God's timing! I'm glad everything (mostly) that you wanted was prepared in time for him being born :) so that you could feel ready.

NaomiG said...

I cannot believe how much you got done on that list!! That is SO amazing.

I'm always amazed at what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it, with a list. I'm also impressed that your husband helped you. Mine would have taken one look at me and the list and said, "that's crazy, you're crazy, I'm not supporting you in the craziness. Cut the list!" Ha! He doesn't work well under pressure.

If/when you decide to have a second kid, you'll have to make a mental note to compare your own intensity to the first kid. If you're anything like me, the to do list will be WAY shorter. :-)

Julie S. said...

I felt like this before Brayden was born and now that number 2 is on her way and Brayden is still sleeping in the crib? Cue the freakout. It's totally normal :) trust me!

She Said... said...

haha. love it. I am such a list lady too. and I definitely had things that I needed (more like just wanted) done. hahaha.

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