About My Health "Issues"

So I realized a couple weeks ago that I never gave you all an update on my health. I think the last one was probably almost three months ago.

Can I just say that it's so weird to have health problems? I've been healthy my entire life, and then within three months I end up having pre-eclampsia, a torn meniscus, and a blood clot. It's bizarre to me. We're blessed to have pretty decent insurance, and to live in a country with good access to care.

Anyway . . .

The Knee

If you'll remember, in April I had to go through surgery to fix my torn meniscus in my knee. It was a huge pain, because I had to be on crutches for six weeks, and that isn't easy with a new baby to take care of.

Well, at the end of May I got the okay to walk without crutches again. I was so excited to walk and to be able to carry my baby! But I was bitterly disappointed to find out that I still couldn't walk without one crutch - I may have shed a few tears. I was just so looking forward to walking without assistance.

My doctor said it may be July before I could walk without any help, but it wasn't long before I was hobbling around without my crutch. I had an awful limp though, and my doctor wanted me to see a physical therapist.

I went to one appointment, but honestly my co-pays were pretty steep, and I couldn't afford to go again. But she stretched out the joint a bit and gave me some exercises, and within a week I was walking really well! There really is no accounting for how quickly I was able to walk without crutches and without a limp, except that the Lord healed my knee! I'm so thankful that He allowed my knee to heal so quickly!

The Clot

The second part of this whole thing was that after my knee surgery I got a blood clot in my leg. I was on aspirin for a couple weeks before they decided I needed to be on higher-power blood thinners (around the middle of May).

I was really worried about being able to feed Wyatt while on blood thinners, but they put me on Lovenox, which is safe to use while nursing. Unfortunately, it happens to be an injectable medication, so I have to give myself two shots a day. My stomach is all bruised and sore, and the injection makes my skin puffy, so it makes me feel flabby. I hate it.

They checked my blood clot twice since then, and each time it got a little smaller. But after this last visit my doctor decided I should go see a hematologist to make sure that I don't have a blood clotting disorder. I got the blood clot while on blood thinners, so they just want to make sure.

So I went to the hematologist and she did some blood work (which we're still waiting on), and said that since the blood clot isn't gone, I have to be on blood thinners for six months.

I was not happy about this. I am so over giving myself injections.

You have to understand that someone I know has had a blood clot in the past, and she hasn't had to go through anything I've had to do. Her doctor said it's pretty pointless to keep checking the blood clot, because alot of times they leave scar tissue that makes it look like it's still there even when it's not. Her hematologist also said that when the clot is below the knee (which mine is), you only have to be on blood thinners for three months.

Now, I know my primary care doctor hasn't dealt with a blood clot before, so it's been a learning experience for her too. I have to give her a little grace.

However, it makes me kind of upset that our doctors keep saying different things, because if I don't have to go through all this extra stuff, I'd rather not. And everyone keeps saying my blood clot is "so small".

The Plan Now

I'm getting a second opinion. Six months of shots in my stomach is alot different than three months, and I am so ready to be done! I'm hoping to be able to talk to this other doctor soon, and maybe he'll say I don't have to do these injections any more.

Anyway, you all could pray that (1) this new doctor will give me some good information, and (2) that maybe I can be done with the shots now. Also, even though I think it's unlikely, please pray that I don't have a clotting disorder, because if I do, it would mean my next pregnancy would be considered high-risk. Women with blood clotting disorders are more likely to have miscarriages, because a clot could form in the placenta and cut off nutrients to the baby.

Thank you in advance for your prayers! I'll do another update when I know something.

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Anne said...

We do take having good health for granted, don't we? I'll be praying for you friend.

Anna said...

Praise the Lord that you were able to walk again so soon! I'm sorry you've been having all of these issues. I'll be praying that you DON'T have a blood clotting disorder and that you don't have to give yourself anymore shots... how miserable!

Megan Ashley said...

I hope it all turns out for you!

I was on thinners for a LONG time before (clots in the legs and lungs after Landon's birth) and then again the whole pregnancy with C and 3 months after UGH! I can assure you the tummy pain and bruising I hated just as much.

I will say a prayer, and I want you to know that even though C's pregnancy was considered HR, I was on thinners the whole 9 months and there was nothing wrong with her, or the placenta. So I am sure you will be fine Momma!

I am happy that your knee healed quickly, that is wonderful news!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Callie... I am so sorry about these problems! I love that hard situations make us stronger and I will say a pray today for the new doctor. It's got to be frustrating at times for sure. BLESS YOU!

Katie said...

Praying as I type!

Carly Anne said...

Ugh. I am so sorry that you have to deal with all of that - it's always scary to not know exactly what's happening with your body. Prayers coming your way.

Meghan said...

Sweet Callie, That's a lot to have had on your plate on top of learning the ropes as a new mom. I'm glad that your knee is healed and I sure hope God answers those prayers to cure the clotting issue as well. Just know that He's with you holding your hand all along this not so happy little path you've had to walk on... I'll be praying. ;)

Heather said...

I will be praying for you and wisdom for the doctors!! So sorry you have to go through this. Hopefully, they will have an answer for you soon!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Oh gosh Callie I cannot IMAGINE giving myself injections! I think it would make me so nauseous I'd throw up!

Will be praying for you, girl. I hope a second opinion will give you some new direction.

Praises that your knee is healed. :)

kinze said...

wow ... i could so relate to this post ... after being healthy my entire life ... i have just had three miscarriages ... and know am dealing with thyroid issues ... praying for you ... and God's peace! BTW i'm your newest follower ... glad to meet you!

Amanda said...


Amber said...

Blah. I will be praying for you. Good for you on getting a 2nd opinion. If there's one thing I've learned in the past two years or so, it's that 2nd opinions are very important! Don't be afraid to question your doc by seeing someone more experienced. I'll be praying this one has better news for you!

Jessica Elyse @ Memoirs of a Mommy said...

Praying for you Callie. I am proud of you for seeking a 2nd opinion. Some people think too highly of a single drs diagnosis. It is your health and you need to do what you can to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan underway. I will be praying for your next consult.


Kate Craig said...

blood clots are very scary and unpredictable! better safe than sorry?

Dove of Snow said...

Oh wow! You've run the loop! I feel your pain. And everything seems to fall apart/act up at the same time. It's odd. But so glad for the good news and the ways God has obviously healed you, and I pray for wisdom on part of the doctors and for fast and good solutions!

Ashley said...

Praying for all those things - hope you're able to get it sorted out soon! And hopefully no more shots! :(

Julie S. said...

Wow, you have really been through the ringer! I am praying for you, your doctor's wisdom, and that you can be done with the shots once and for all.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the update! You've been through a lot in the past few months! Praying you won't have to be on blood thinners for any longer!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry your still going through this. Praying that it will all work out for you. You won't have the clotting disorder, you won't be getting shots for 6 months and the clot in your leg will dissolve.

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