A few random thoughts over my lunch break. . .

We're doing six month pictures in a week and a half. How did my baby get to be six months already? Anyway, Derek and I might be in some of the pictures too, and I decided to take a little shopping trip to see if I can find something cute to wear. What does one wear for her son's six month pictures? Any cute ideas? I think this calls for a search on Pinterest.


My friend Amber wrote a post about copy cats. I think you should all go read it. You can tell me what you think here too, but leave Amber a comment while you're there.

I may or may not want to know what you all have to say because I've found myself in similar situations before. I love it when people copy me, just not when they pretend it was all their own idea! It's not nice, and it puts you in such a dilemna.

It could be unintentional sometimes though, and I get that - they might actually think it is their own idea.

Then there's that Bible verse about being humble and sitting in the lower place so that you will be called up to the head of the table, instead of the other way around (Luke 14), so I'm thinking you shouldn't say anything (unless they ask?).

Anyway, go read Amber's example and tell me what you think.


I love when patients tell me I do a good job. Really, you learn so much being a caregiver and a patient. Since becoming a hygienist, I try to let my doctors or nurses know when they do something well, because I so appreciate it when patients let me know! It makes me like them, and the next time they come in I'm anxious to make sure I do a good job again - after all, I don't want to let them down! So the patient wins too. Try it next time you go to a doctor or dental appointment.

Okay, that's all. Have a great weekend everyone!

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LeAnna said...

I left my thoughts over on her blog...This is something I totally get. God calls us to be the lesser, (turning the cheek, resolving our frustrations between ourself and Him) and in return we become the "bigger person". Anyway, I could write another book here, or you can read my comment over there. ;) Such a great reminder to give credit where it is due, though!

Kathryn said...

For the family photo shoot, I love coordinated outfits. I'm kind of a sucker that way. I try not to make them completely matching (although I have done that too, haha). Once I did us all in jeans, with different coordinating shirts (like one in a red shirt, another in a white shirt with red stripes etc etc). My sisters and I have done all blue jeans and white shirts with each white shirt being unique, but still white. Have fun with it.
I can relate so much to the copy cat post too, and was glad to read your friend Amber's blog too.

Brittney Galloway said...

I can't believe Wyatt is going to be 6 months! Crazy! Can't wait to see the pictures, I'm sure they will be adorable.

As for the copy cat situation...that is really hard! Especially in the blog world, when a person clicks to a million different sites then sits down to write their own and doesn't remember where they got an idea from. I know I worry I "copy," when a general idea is out there in blog land.

In her situation though, I think I would talk to them, because they were a friend.

Kristy said...

I can relate that the last 6 months went by so fast! Have fun taking pictures! I have a very cool and stylish photographer friend and she always says that you should wear plain clothes (aka. no patterns) in neutral colors for pictures. I guess it goes well with any background and it more classic. That is just my two cents :)

She Said... said...

I LOVE what LeAnna said! It is harder in a blog world if it is through someone you don't know. I totally agree with Brittney, sometime I am going through all of my blog roll and then when I mention something in my blog, I can't remember where I got the idea from! But I do try my best!

Also, I will def be praying for your health situation. Your Knee healing so fast is a gift from God and I will be praying he does the same with your blood clot!

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