Half A Year

My sweet boy is half a year old! How is it possible that it was half a year ago the doctor was placing him on my stomach and I was seeing him for the first time?


We took Wyatt swimming for the first time this month (July 23rd)! I can't get enough of his little swimsuit set. And his hat with the shark fin on top? Love! He wasn't too sure about the water at first, but we took him again the next weekend and he did wonderfully! The first day we spent most of the time by the poolside, and Wyatt took a little nap.


Wyatt just keeps getting stronger and stronger. He tries to crawl all the time, and he'll kick his legs and lift his stomach up off the floor in little push-ups, but he hasn't figured out how to coordinate the movements. It's fun to watch him try. He can sit up a for a few seconds at a time now, but he hasn't quite got the balance thing down yet.

Derek and I think it's so cute, because he'll alternate lifting his stomach off the floor with balancing on his stomach with his arms out to his sides and his legs in the air - it looks like he's trying to fly! It's so funny, because he'll kick his legs when he's balancing on his stomach, but when he lifts his upper body off the floor he doesn't kick his legs. If he can just figure out to lift and kick at the same time, he'll be crawling!

He's great at rotating 360 degrees though - he'll turn himself so he can see whatever is most interesting to him at the moment.

He is really into his toys lately as well. He's been interested in his toys for a few months, but I think he's really learning how to play with them now, instead of just looking at them and chewing on them.

Wyatt also officially discovered his feet this past month (July 22nd)! He grabs them all the time now.


His little personality is developing so much, and he is such a sweetheart. He laughs so easily now, and we love it! The other day I brought him upstairs and Ralphie was sitting on the back of the couch. All I did was bring Wyatt close enough to touch Ralphie, and he just burst out laughing! It was the cutest thing. He has been fascinated with the dogs, and especially Ralphie, this month. I think they'll be good pals.

Sometimes he and I will have giggling fits - he'll laugh, which will make me laugh, which makes him laugh again.

He smiles at everyone we see, and I always hear people whispering about how cute he is. He is such a cheerful baby, and all you have to do is say hello to him and he'll give you a big grin.

He gets so excited when Derek gets home - Derek doesn't even have to look at him, but Wyatt gets this big grin on his face when he sees Derek. He loves his dad.

On the day he turned six months I came home from work, and when I came over to greet Wyatt he made this little gasping/hiccup sound, like he was excited to see me. It made me laugh, and then he did it again, which made me laugh again. He did it several more times after that. Derek was watching the whole thing, and he said he could tell Wyatt was doing it on purpose to make me laugh! He's going to be a little ham!

Smart Boy

Just had to share this story, because it was cute, and I was impressed. We have this wooden block set, and the blocks come in a little wooden wagon. Derek and I were playing with Wyatt a few nights ago, but after a while we started to clean up and we put the blocks back in the wagon. Wyatt was on his stomach within reach, and he strained and reached to get one of the blocks off the wagon. Once he had one, he pulled it toward him and reached for another block. Soon he had several blocks right next to him, and he just kept reaching to get another one. He was trying to get them all back off the wagon! I guess he wasn't done playing with them. He's so smart.


We started Wyatt on rice cereal (July 23rd) and oatmeal this month. He's never too sure about the first bite - he makes this face like it's the grossest thing in the world, but then he opens his little mouth for more! He figured out how to close his lips around the spoon now, instead of just gnawing the food off the spoon. We're going to try carrots soon, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he reacts to that. I feed him or he gets a bottle about four or five times a day.


He still sucks his thumb when he gets tired, and it always makes me melt. It's so funny the way he holds his hand too - he always sucks his left thumb, but instead of curling his fingers in, he stretches them out, like he's grabbing his whole mouth. I wish I could explain it better, but it's sweet.

He usually sleeps somewhere around 14 hours at night (with one morning feeding somewhere between 4:00 and 6:00, but then he goes right back to sleep, so I hardly count that). He also takes an afternoon nap normally, but lately he's been skipping his naps, so by the time bedtime rolls around he can hardly stay awake to eat. I can't complain about him skipping naps though, because we sleep so well at night - I think it's a huge blessing. He usually goes to bed around 7:00 or 7:30, which gives Derek and me plenty of time together in the evenings.


He's growing so big! I can just tell. Unfortunately I couldn't set up his six month appointment in time for this post (here I thought I'd have a weight to report), but I can tell he's getting heavier, because it's getting harder to carry him around in his car seat. I'll update this post with his weight when I get it. He still fits into his 3-6 month clothes for the most part, but it won't be long until he gets too long for them. His feet are still size 1, and he is in size 2 diapers.

Update: We had Wyatt's appointment today, and he's 15 pounds, 13 1/2 ounces (25th percentile), 26 1/2 inches (50th percentile), and his head circumference is in the 70th percentile! He's a little smarty, and he's long and lean. The nurse measured him twice, because she just couldn't believe he had grown two inches in two months! She said that's quite a lot. But that makes sense, because that means he's grown about an inch a month since he was born. He's getting so big!

Baby Kisses

Wyatt started giving me kisses this month (August 1st). He has kind of been doing this since he was about four and a half months too, but they are more intentional now.

I just thought this picture was cute,
because it looks like he's giving his elephant a kiss!

Most recently, last week I was just sitting on the couch holding him, and he looked at me nose-to-nose, smiled, grabbed my cheeks, and pulled my face toward his open mouth. Then he proceeded to gnaw on my chin or nose, whatever reached his mouth first. I think once my chin was in between his sore gums it felt better to chew, but I just got the feeling that he meant it as a kiss. It was the sweetest thing. My face was covered with baby slobber, and I loved every minute of it!


My precious boy is growing up so fast - I love to see his personality starting to show! It's just weird to think we're halfway to a year old. Before I know it he'll be walking and talking, and then he'll be starting school, and then he'll be off to college, and then he'll be getting married. . .

I don't like to think about that yet. I'm just soaking up every minute with my precious boy while he's still my baby, while I'm still the most important lady in his life. Someday he'll grow up and get married, and his wife will be the most important woman to him (which is as it should be, and I pray for her too).

But I'll always have the joy of knowing I was the first lady in his life.

That's a special thing.


My Sweet Baby,

I cannot believe you are a half a year old! You are such a precious boy, and I love seeing how your personality is developing. You are something special, Sweetheart. I just look at you, and I can imagine the kind of man you will be become - a man who will be an encouragement to others, who will stand up for Truth, who will do great things. I know the Lord must have wonderful plans for you. I pray that you decide to serve Him and put Him first in your life always!

I love you, Snuggle Bug. You are my treasure.


Your Mama

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Kristin said...

Callie! I haven't been over here in awhile, and your little boy has gotten SO BIG! He's just precious, and you can tell that you adore being a mama! He's so lucky to have you! ~Kristin (used to be from Windy Poplars)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet and beautiful post. He is adorable! Sadly, it just goes by too fast, we're approaching the 2nd birthday in a couple months, boohoo. Just cherish every day :)

Lauren said...

what a precious, precious post! Your baby boy is too sweet...and sleeping 14 hours a night?!? Girl, I might need some tips on how you made that happen...that's incredible!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Happy 6 months, Wyatt!!

Kelli Nicholson Herrington said...

He is just way to darn cute. Don't they just grow up way to fast I wish I could slow them down. I was just telling my husband we don't have any babies in the house and I'm sad about that.

Kayla Rae said...

I can't believe he is already 6 months! Happy half birthday Wyatt!

Meghan said...

Happy 6 months sweet Wyatt! I love these pictures Callie. HIs swim get up makes me melt. What a sweet little guy.

Kara @ Just1Step said...

He's so cute, Callie. I love reading the updates. And this will sound crazy but time keeps going faster the older Krew gets. He's almost a year and a half old and I feel like he just turned one!! Hold onto every moment because you may feel the same way with Wyatt!

Natalie said...

Wow, how is that even possible?! I feel like you were just announcing your pregnancy!
He is so sweet...how did he get such blonde hair? Were either of you blonde? Both Tony & I have such dark hair now but he was a blondie when he was little so it makes me wonder what our girl will end up with!

Anne said...

I can't believe he is 6 months already! He is such a cutie.

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Awe, he is adorable!! Such sweet pictures.

LeAnna said...

Soooo sweet!!! Baby kisses are just the best, ever.

Dove of Snow said...

He is a handsome little baby! I just want to give him a hug and giggle along with you guys when he giggles! I love, LOVE baby laughter! It's just too precious. What a sweet post, and what an adorable baby boy you have! :)

Rebecca Louise. said...

Make him stop growing too fast! x

Mrs. Lukie said...

WOW, Callie...6 months already?! Where does the time go? What a sweet boy you have, and oh-so-adorable at that!

I love how much you love being a Mama. It shines through in every single post about Mr. Wyatt. What a blessed little boy he is <3

Melanie said...

So sweet!! Love the pictures and reading about what all little Wyatt is up to now!!

Amanda said...

I love the picture of him kissing his elephant and the picture of you holding him at the very end. He's such a sweetie! He has reached so many milestones in such a short time. You're so blessed!

Julie S. said...

Him kissing the elephant just made me melt into a puddle! What a sweetie!

Jessica and Stephan said...

that swimsuit is adorable! I also love the elephant pic too! Wow, he's really growing fast! He'll be running before you know it

Lauren said...

How precious! What a cutie! Love the picture of him kissing the elephant. Hard to believe he's 6mo already.

hi-d said...

He is SO cute, Callie! I loved reading about all of the things that he's doing...so fun to meet someone that has a baby close to my little one's age. :)

Have a great weekend!

p.s. Love what you said about your baby..."I'll always have the joy of knowing I was the first lady in his life." So sweet!

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