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So last week I found myself driving around our neighborhood and looking for houses for sale.

I love where we live. There are so many winding roads it's easy to get lost - and sometimes I like to get lost and explore a section of my town that I've never seen before. Not to mention our subdivision is beautiful in the summer time - aspen trees; sunshine; long, wild grass; flowers; birds singing, crickets chirping; the smell of warm woods. I love living in the country!

Anyway, I was having a lovely time driving around with the windows rolled down, Wyatt sleeping in the backseat, ice cold root beer in my cup holder, looking for those little signs that realtors put up. It's like a treasure hunt, following those signs down so many winding roads, and finally finding the house that they are pointing to. Then I'll grab a flyer, if there is one present, and go on my merry way, following the "clues" until I reach another house for sale.

Why am I doing this, you may ask? Are we looking into moving?

No. Sometimes I just like to look at all the houses and dream about the future. Plus I like to keep updated on what houses are going for these days.

I absolutely love our house. I love our piece of land - we have the trees and tall grass that I was talking about, plus a perfect area out back for our kids to play when they get older.

I love the vaulted ceilings in our living room, and our open floor plan. I love our brand-newly finished basement, with our big bedroom, new bathroom with the jetted tub, Wyatt's nursery.

I love tinkering around with ideas for improvements, getting my decor just so, or occasionally re-doing some of my wall arrangements. I love throwing up the blinds, opening the glass doors, letting the sunshine and air in while I dust and vacuum and make the house smell fresh. I love how quiet and peaceful it feels up here when the windows are open, and I can hear all the wilderness noises outside the window while Wyatt takes a nap.

But, I know that depending on how many kids we have, we may eventually out grow our little mountain home. I know that Derek would eventually like a garage or workshop where he can build furniture. I know Derek and I would both love to own more land someday.

I feel extraordinarily blessed where we are right now. I always dreamed of owning a house just like this one, in this town, and raising my babies here, and the Lord has granted all those desires of mine.

But sometimes it's fun to dream - not in a way that leads to discontentment, but just to imagine what the future might hold.

That's why I sometimes drive through the neighborhood and pick up flyers.

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Lauren said...

We absolutely LOVE to look at the houses for sale! These are some of my favorite conversations with Nick...just dreaming about what might be one of these days!

Kristy said...

This is funny to me - my husband and I's new favorite hobby lately has been driving around and looking at houses :)
I love where we live now too, but I agree it is fun to imagine the future....more space for lots of kiddos I hope :)

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

We love driving around and looking at different neighborhoods as well as touring houses virtually online. All of it is inspiration for our dream home that we're gearing up to build. There are so many houses where we're like oh, I like that part or we should do it like such a such a house. I have a massive folder filled with camera phone shots we've snapped over the years. Its so fun to dream. :)

AgnesandAmy said...

I do that too! We're not planning on moving anytime soon (we'd have to pay back the first time homebuyer credit if we moved in the next year and a half!), but it's so fun to look at other houses and wonder what it would be like to live there, and to wonder what our future holds. Our house is great, it just might not always be big enough (and we need a garage!). But it's fun to dream :)

I also like going garage saling on Saturdays and making sure to go to estate sales while I'm out. I LOVE it when estate sales let you walk around in the house! So fun.

kinze said...

i love finding new parts of my town ... so exciting!

Dove of Snow said...

I understand! Good to know I am most decidedly NOT the only young woman or wife who likes to drive about and look at houses -- for sale or even not (dream houses!) -- just for fun! And to dream! Nothing wrong with good dreaming. I love my little home, too, but we will outgrow in a few years, no doubt about it! :)

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