Last Week, This Week

Last week I read this book:


In three days. It was excellent - I really couldn't put it down. I never really thought about how abortion-clinic workers think, and after reading this book I'm not only still completely fired up about fighting for the lives of unborn babies, but I have much more compassion for those on the other side of the issue. So many of them are so deceived and lost.

Yesterday, I found this picture on Pinterest:


I was informed that it's fake, but I love it anyway. Wyatt used to stick his foot straight out of my belly like that, and even though we couldn't see an imprint of his foot through my belly, Derek and I could feel every little detail of that tiny foot - I could almost even distinguish his toes. We could tell his foot was just about an inch and a half long at that point. It was a beautiful moment, and I'll always remember touching that tiny little foot through my belly and marveling at how small it was.

Today I'm making these cupcakes:


I've decided I need to test out some recipes for Wyatt's first birthday party, and when one of you (I tried to go back and figure out who it was, but I can't find it now - speak up!) pinned these cupcakes on Pinterest I had to give them a try! Still deciding on a theme for his birthday party. I have a few ideas.

This week I have no plans except to watch the first season of The Mole which I got from Netflix!


I used to love this show. It's a reality show where the contestants do different stunts and such to win money, but one of them is secretly sabotaging their efforts, and the ultimate goal is to figure out who the "mole" is. Unfortunately they only have one season available; so I guess that just means I'll have to make sure I enjoy it while it lasts.

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Amanda said...

I think "Unplanned" took me about as long to read. It's crazy because it's not an easy read, yet you want to keep reading more. I had about the same reaction - more understanding of the other side of the issue, yet even more strongly pro life.

Anna said...

You're already planning for Wyatt's first birthday party? You're so ahead of the game, in a good way. I'm impressed. :)

The pressure to join Pinterest is really mounting... ;)

Ashley said...

Sounds like a good book! I might have to read that sometime. And those cupcakes look awesome! Are they root-beer flavored? Miss you guys!

Melanie said...

OH MY GOSH! I finally found someone who watched The Mole too!! Wasnt it THE BEST show ever? Can you tell I'm a! I've been trying to find it in stores with no of these days I'll get me a copy!

Jessica Elyse @ Memoirs of a Mommy said...

You are the 2nd person I have heard recommend that book. I will need to go get it. Have you ever seen the picture of the hand reaching the surgeon's finger? I can't find it right now, but it is a very powerful pro-life photo. Love it.

Mole....brings back good memories. Used to love that show!

Jessica and Stephan said...

ooh, another good book to add to my list! My reading list is ENDLESS.

Kristy said...

I just heard about that book and it is on my list to read. Now I am even more excited to read it!

Kate Craig said...

I totally forgot about the mole! I think I only watched one season but I loved it

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Haha you're so cute. Prepping for Wyatt's first birthday already??

Tatiana said...

I can't stop thinking about Giada's birthday party either. I still have 4months to go, but I feel like they'll be here before I know it.
I hope your cupcakes turn out delicious!

~M~ said...

I have been wanting to read that book! I will have to check it out!

Jessica said...

I've heard good things about that book. Is it one that you'd recommend for a church library? I may buy it and donate it after I read it.

And I loved The Mole! That was a good show :-)

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