The One Where I Lose Prizes

My blog friend Chloe (you know, that one I met in real life last year, so you know she's legit), is running the New York Marathon this fall.

Me and Chloe.
I've just been dying to use the Cinemascope setting
with the letterbox on Picnik - you like?

Yeah, I don't run at all. I get winded jogging to my car, a mere 20 yards from the back door of my work. I start to hyper-ventilate just thinking about running.

Kuddos to all of you runners out there, because I hate it. I'm told you hate it until you do it, then you love it. I have a hard time believing that.

Anyway, Chloe is running to raise money for the Children's Heart Project, which brings kids from other countries to America to fix congenital heart defects.

I normally don't post about giveaways on here, because I think people tend to skim posts about other people's giveaways. But, I'm making an exception today (1) because I love Chloe, and (2) because this giveaway is actually for a good cause.

She is holding a raffle on her blog to help raise donations. The minimum entry is five dollars.

Okay, I'm losing you. I can tell. Just wait, there's more.

After you donate five dollars on Chloe's fundraising site, you can submit all your entries and possibly win one of eleven (yes, eleven) great prizes! You'll especially want to check out the prizes if you are a mom or want to have a baby at some point. Lots of cute stuff. And since there will be eleven winners, your chances of winning are really good.


I hope you all appreciate the sacrifice I'm making by posting this, because as of right now, I'm winning all the prizes. But I'm telling you, because I want to help Chloe meet her goal!

Plus, it's just not as fun if you know you're going to win, so you need to give me some competition.

Click here to check out Chloe's raffle. All you need to do is give up a that grande decaf white chocolate mocha and pumpkin bread for a day (of course, I haven't ordered any of those recently), and you're pretty likely to win something.

But just so you know, I have dibs on the owl baby hat.

That's all.

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