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Rebecca from Making Memories tagged me for this post! Basically, you look through your blogging history and pick a post for each of the following categories, then tag seven other people. This is a fun one - thanks for tagging me, Becca!

1) Your most beautiful moment.

Without a doubt, my most beautiful moment on the blog was when my son was born! It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life (along with marrying Derek).

2) Your most popular blog post.

The most popular as far as comments was actually the post where I announced Wyatt's birth! All the congratulations were so sweet.

As far as visits go, my gender reveal games post was pretty successful too.

3) Your most controversial blog post.

When thinking about what post to pick for this one, I realized I've actually written quite a few controversial posts! But the post about the potential abortive effect of hormonal birth control (which you should definitely check out if you are pro-life), and the post about why Derek and I don't celebrate Halloween stand out.

4) Your most helpful post.

I can't figure out if this means the post that was most helpful to my readers, or the post that I got the most help from. I always get great suggestions from you guys when I need help. The post where I asked you for suggestions on good books was really helpful to me - I still refer back to it when I'm looking for something to read! Maybe you guys will have to tell me which post on my blog that you found most helpful, because I'm not sure about that one.

5) A post whose success surprised you.

I get a ton of visits on the post I wrote saying goodbye to Charlotte Russe Refuge perfume! I really didn't expect that. I get at least a couple visits on that post every day.

6) A post that didn't get the attention you thought it deserved.

I wrote a post that was inspired by Anne of Green Gables, regarding how a person can influence others for good just by holding high ideals themselves. I've seen the truth of this from both sides - the influencer and the influencee. It probably didn't get much attention because I wrote it when I first started blogging, and I had maybe two followers? So yes, you should read it now.

Oh, I was just looking through my old posts, and the one about how my prayers are so superficial was one of my better ones too. Another one to read if you have a minute.

7) The post you are most proud of.

It's hard to choose one, but I'm pretty proud of the post where I discuss learning to be content when you want a baby and don't have one. Baby fever is pretty powerful, and it was quite a process for me to learn to trust the Lord for His timing. It was one of the most important lessons I had to learn (and re-learn), but the Lord was there holding my hand while I learned it. That's why I like that post.

Okay, now I tag Jessica from Called to Serve, Jenene from Prairie Girl Gone Coastal, E from E, Myself, and I, Natalie from Extraordinary Love, Ria at Life As A Wife, LeAnna at Thoughts And Whatnots, and Katie at The Amazing In The Ordinary!

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Meghan said...

Aw, just seeing that pic of Anne of Green Gables puts me in a good mood. That is my all time fav! I'm running off to work but promise I'll come back and read that post ASAP. Have a great week Callie!

LeAnna said...

Oooh, thanks for the tag! This is the perfect thing for me to work on this week.
Headed to read your older posts, now!

Dove of Snow said...

Hey! Not sure your blog accepted my comment a moment ago, so I'm going to try this again....I love this post! I think it would be so fun to be "tagged" like this! :) Will have to check out some of the other posts you mentioned writing, back before I was reading your blog!

And you should stop in at my blog....check it out .... trust me! :) -- Rachel

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

That's great :) How awesome!

Jenene said...

I had a feeling you would tag me. :)I'll have to go back and read some of those posts you linked to when I have a bit more time.

I'm kind of scared to look back at my blogging history. Sometimes I read old posts and I'm embarrassed at what I wrote. I feel like the early stages of my blog are so immature compared to now. But maybe it won't be so bad.

Amanda said...

this is cool! i love this post. it's so funny to go back through old blog posts!

Brittney Galloway said...

Callie, I love all of your writing! I feel like we have very similar opinions, so that is probably why, haha! But your thoughts often challenge me even more! I went back and read the Anne of Green Gables post and I loved it!

Lauren said...

Cute idea! I laugh when I go back through my old's amazing all the things I have gone through since I started my blog!

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for the tag! I'm going to do this today :-) And about your most controversial blog post...I am sooo glad you posted about the birth control pill, because it completely changed my view on it! I will never go on that again. So thanks for posting!

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