Vacation Worries

I know, I know. The two words in the title do not go together, but read on. I need advice.

Derek and I booked our vacation!

We're planning on going to see Derek's brother and sister-in-law. Unfortunately not until September, so it'll be a late summer/early fall vacation. But I'm still so excited!

I'm just so happy that it worked out for us to go on vacation this year to see them. I wasn't sure we were going to be able to get away at all. I'm looking forward to seeing our family and spending one of our days at the beach! Not to mention just sightseeing in a state I've never toured. And this way they'll get to meet Wyatt before he turns a year old, which is preferable!

However, I must say that though I'm excited about going on vacation, I am not excited about flying out there. I'm nervous about (1) Wyatt crying on the plane, and (2) the new airport security measures.

I know that the change in pressure that comes with flying can be kind of rough on babies, and I'm worried that Wyatt might cry through the whole flight if his ears won't pop. Someone told me that sucking on something can help? But he won't take a pacifier anymore. I'm just going to have to make sure we have a bottle ready.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make take-off and landing easier on a baby? Any other general tips for navigating the airport or plane?

Thankfully Derek's brother and sis-in-law have a stroller and a carseat, so we don't have to lug those through the airport. It really does make things less complicated.

I'm just hoping that if he does cry, no one gives me dirty looks. Or yells at me. I don't think I can handle that.

Secondly, I'm kind of worried about getting randomly selected to go through the stupid x-ray machine, or even worse having to get the new "pat-down". I'm sure you've all heard about it.

Have any of you had to deal with the new security measures at the airport? Was it a big deal, or am I being a worry wart? I'm pretty sure I'm being a worry wart, but I just don't fancy the idea of going through an x-ray machine that can see through my clothes, or going through a super invasive pat-down.

Thoughts? Tips?

I'm all ears.

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Dove of Snow said...

I would encourage you not to stress over the airport stuff. It's not usually nearly so bad as it is made out to be. I flew last October and it wasn't a big deal. We didn't get a pat down. You just start taking your shoes off ahead of time, take anything that might set off metal detectors off of your person, etc. And just walk on through. Usually it's not an issue. Once in a while they want to open your carry-on luggage to look at something of interest caught on x-ray. I've had that done like 2x total. Not a big deal.

I have read that to help babies during and after lift-off, try to get them sleepy. Apparently if you can get them sleepy so they are ready to take a nap right after lift-off, it proves a good distraction and will also have the added benefit of baby being quiet? Haven't tried this, don't have a baby, yet! :) But that's what I've seen. Otherwise, have little toys they like to keep them distracted/happy doing something.

Hope I helped in some way! Please don't stress, you will not feel good between now and your trip and it's a vacation remember? Not a trip into surgery! :) You're meant to relax and have fun!

Ash said...

I've flown the past three years, and it really isn't too bad (some of the bigger airports can be a pain, La Guardia is the worst). Most airports are pretty easy to navigate, though, as long as you follow what they want you to do (take your shoes off, place everything in the bins, liquids under 3 oz, etc.) My brother went through one of the x-ray scanners last year, it's actually quicker than traditional scanners. I wouldn't imagine they would make you go through that with a baby.

Just make sure you are up-to-date on flying info which can be found on the TSA website.

No tips for flying with a baby because I haven't done that yet, but I'll be looking for your tips once you're back from your trip!

Amie said...

I would check out Heather's blogs at Heather Drive (

She has a little girl and has recently blogged about flying to Nevada and Mexico as well, I believe, but to be honest since I'm not a mom I kinda skipped over the details of the actual traveling part :)

Lauren said...

I'm certainly not much help when it comes to baby advice yet...but as far as the security goes, I've travelled several times (in big & small airports mind you) since the xray machines were implemented and I've never had to deal with that or a serious pat down. Of course that doesn't mean you might not be chose at "random" but I think it is few and far between for the patdowns!

Kristy said...

Hey! I have yet to fly with my baby and I would be nervous about it too! But I have heard that it is helpful to nurse your babe during take off and landing. I think you are still breakstfeeding - if not, I am sure the same principle would work with a bottle. Apparently the sucking motion they make with their mouths will pop their ears. I have also heard that when traveling you should break out a brand new toy to capture their attention. I hope this helps! We are going on a vacation at the end of August and I am nervous about how my little girl will do with the long drive. Everything is just more complicated (and wonderful :)) with a little one.

Jenene said...

Are you still breastfeeding? Just nurse him during take off and landing. That's what I'm planning to do with Sophia if/when we fly to Manitoba in August. Also, my mom said that blowing softly in their ears can help.

But sorry, no advice regarding the x-ray machine.

Amber said...

I haven't gone through airport security recently. Corey did and said it wasn't a big deal (the xray machine). As for the popping ears for babies...I haven't flown with Eden yet, but ive heard nursing (or giving a bottle) during take-off and landing helps. No personal experience in either of your issues...just hear-say. Sorry!

Brittney Galloway said...

Don't be too worried! I think it will all be okay. We have a big international flight coming up, and with Grace being only 4 months old I am slightly nervous about the change in pressure and with having to nurse her on the plane.

Someone gave me the advice to bring an empty bottle, with a bag of chamomile tea in it. Once you get through security, get hot water from a cafe/restaurant and make a bottle of tea. It is fine for the baby to drink and is handy for making the baby relaxed, possibly even drowsy. I'll let you know how it works in a couple of weeks!

Eileen said...

Hey Callie!
I have traveled lots with Zoe- I think a total of 8 flights with her. What I have found that makes the trip so much easier, is to bring along an umbrella stroller for the airport. It is a little clumsy to hold the baby and fold it to go through security but helps so much to have a place to put them while you are getting your id out and that kind of thing. Most flights give families with small children extra time to board at the beginning of the flight. I tried taking Zoe in a baby bjorn once and it was a mess, because they don't let you go through the security with it on. As far as on the plane, Zoe has never had any troubles with her ears that I could tell. Having bottle has helped for us, especially because it puts Zoe in sleepy mode. Often, she will sleep an hour or two on the flight. We always bring her blanket to wrap around her as it can get cool in the air. When it comes to worrying about people waiting for you impatiently as you try to manage yourself and a little one and the baby crying on the plane, i have worried about the same things. I think you just have to accept, its going to take you longer to do things and your baby is going to cry. Most people are understanding, especially more men than women (in my experience).

Alaina Beth said...

Preface: I do not have children. But I do live in Alaska, so we fly a lot. A lot, a lot.

And we've flown with lots of children, those who cry and those who don't. When it is an infant crying people understand. What can you do? However, I have noted after several expeditions that there are a few things that seems to help.

1. Do the bottle/nursing thing during takeoff and landing if possible. If they are sucking during the pressure change it seems to help their little ears.

2. Don't travel on an overnight flight. Babies just don't sleep on them. Then people do seem to get quite irritated.

Also - I'm the person from Alaska. :) Hope your flights are great! I personally have never seen anyone with a baby patted down, but in Alaska the security people are much more understanding than other places I have been in the country.

T, C, and E said...

In April I flew with my then almost 8 month old from Frankfurt, Germany to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Then, we had a 4 hour flight to our final destination of Dallas, Texas. I was also very worried, but my girl was such a champ. I had bottles for landing and take off. We walked down the aisle a few times. It was no biggie. As for the airport, people are generally very helpful when babies are around. You will be one of the firsts to board. I haven't had any issues. Through the airport, I used our Ergo carrier so I would be hands free. That was a lifesaver especially when it came to boarding the plane. Good luck and best wishes on a safe and easy trip! :)

Anonymous said...

I travel all the time, primarily for work. I have never had to go through the Xray so I dont know about that. I have been randomly selected for the pat down many times. Its not bad, I have never felt invaded or violated at all. They will tell you step by step what they are doing but its really nothing.

Mrs. Lukie said...

I am eager to read what others have to say. We are doing A TON of travel (by plane) in the month of August. I refuse to go through the x-ray machine whilst pregnant (can it do any damage to my baby? can anyone *assure* me that it can't?) and being pat down in a most obscene way whilst pregnant is not appealing in the slightest, either.

Diana Hill said...

Callie, I have flown several times with Nathan and he has done great!He slept most of the time. Babies ears don't actually start to bother them until they around 1 year old. However, the best advice is to nurse or give a bottle during take-off and landing, especially landing if they do seem to bother him.
Just have extra diapers and formula/breast milk b/c our plane got diverted and we sat on tarmack for an extra 2 hours!
As far as security goes, it was no different than before. They seemed to take pity on me since I had a baby! You are even able to use the "family line"(which is ussually the same as the handicap line) so you don't have to wait very long in the security line.They will test your formula though, if you have any. they just put a little strip in the milk to make sure it is not "explosive!!"
I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

They don't generally target women with the scanners. Our airport was one of the first to get fully stocked with them, joy! but every single time, they pull Brent aside and I waltz through the regular scanners. As for traveling with babies...allow PLENTY of extra time and you'll be fine. Nothing worse than watching parents frantically try rushing through security and to their gate...they always end up getting paged to come back because they left something behind or dropped it.

Lyndsey said...

We are flying in September and I am nervous as well! I've heard the bottle trick for the ears so I will definitely have one handy for take off and landing, but I'm also interested in seeing how the hot tea works out for Brittney.

Jessica and Stephan said...

When it comes to the airport and flying, just stay calm. Make sure you are well organized before, and that you are well aware of what you can and cannot bring on the plane and in your luggage. And give yourself plenty of time, so you are not rushed.

Its perfectly normal to be worried. I have not flown often, and still get nervous about the airport drill and where to go. But I find most people are friendly.

Unknown said...

My sister got ear plugs moulded for my niece and it didn't cost much. She was 8 months old when she flew and it just stopped her ears from popping. Also, she gave her Calpol just before the flight in case her ears did get any pain beforehand.

Otherwise it's entertainment all the way. Just try entertaining him or best hopefully you have your flight booked when he usually naps or something.

Melanie said...

I have read that if your baby is either eating or makes flights go more yeah have that bottle ready!!

Jessica Elyse @ Memoirs of a Mommy said...

I have flown many a time since the new security measures and they aren't anything to worry about. The x-ray machines are huge and obvious when compared to the smaller door ways. Just be on the look out and get in line with one that doesn't have an x-ray machine. The pat downs only occur if you look suspicious. I have probably flown about 5 times this year and only gone through the x-ray once and no pat downs. Have fun!

Michelle said...

The new security measures are really not too big of a deal. I recently went on a trip and flew out of DIA.It's not something you should stress about. Yeah, the airport is large and more hectic but treat it like a normal security check and you will be fine!

Julie S. said...

I gave Brayden some ibuprofen about an hour before we left just so his ears wouldn't hurt too much. The airport thing really isn't as bad as you think it is, I promise! :) Wyatt is still so little that he should be a piece of cake! Wrangling a toddler is a WHOLE other ballgame. You will be just fine- I promise.

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