Giveaway Public Service Announcement

I was just looking through the entrants for the giveaway, and I realized I neglected to remind you all to either (1) include an e-mail address in your comment or (2) make sure your profile is linked to your blog so I can leave you a comment letting you know you won!

So if you didn't leave an e-mail and there is no other way for me to contact you, please leave another comment with your e-mail. Any entries that do not include some way for me to contact you will not be counted (I hate sounding so mean, but this is important, People!).

Also, one comment came through as anonymous, and I don't know who to give that entry to - so check to make sure it wasn't you! I wanted to be nice and give Ms. Anonymous a chance. *smile*

That's all.

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Janet said...

Hey! I'm Ms. Anonymous!
Janet that is :) My email is

Hav a great weekend!

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