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Today I'm featuring Ashley from Introverted Mama! I started reading Ashley's blog last year when I was pregnant with Wyatt and when she was still pregnant with her son. I love reading Ashley's blog - she is so sweet, and her son is such a cutie! Read on to learn more about her.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I'm Ashley. My husband Aaron and I have been married for almost 3 years and we welcomed our first child in December. I'm currently getting my MA in Clinical Counseling and my Masters of Divinity and this fall I will be starting my counseling internship at a local community mental health center. We just moved in with my parents as we are looking to buy our first house in the next 6 months (if it's part of God's plan).

What's your baby's name and how old is he?

Wylie Orion - 8 months

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

Well Wylie doesn't do well with schedules so there is no such thing as a typical day in our household. Wylie is up between 6 and 8:30 and usually takes a morning nap 2 hours after that. He has oatmeal for breakfast, a fruit and veggie for lunch, and a fruit and veggie for dinner. Somewhere between 1 and 3 he goes down for an afternoon nap which can range anywhere from 45 mins to 3 hours. I spend all his awake time chasing after him, and I wouldn't change that at all! Bedtime is usually around 9, but we go by when he starts showing he's tired.

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

Energetic, curious, and happy.

What's your favorite part about being a mom?

I love the unconditional love he has for me. Much to my husband's dismay, I would love if my son was always a mama's boy!

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

I did pilates videos during Wylie's naps for the first two months. I continue to workout daily, although it has gotten much harder as his naps have gotten shorter and less frequent. Breastfeeding also helped, but I think a lot of it was genetics for me. I've always been very petite so once my eating went back to how it was before I was pregnant, the weight came off pretty easily. I know my body will never be the way it was, and I'm totally okay with that!

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

It has been difficult because my husband has a seasonal job and he works 100+ hours a week during the season. His job started when Wylie was 3 months old and so I really hadn't ventured out much at all. Now that his job is over, we're trying to do things together we enjoy. We have been watching TV shows through Netflix, playing video games together, and we go out to dinner as a special treat. We're still learning the balance, but our son has definitely made our relationship stronger.

Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

The Snuza was the best investment I made. I was able to sleep much better at night with this (now if only Wylie actually slept through the night....) A Keurig has also been amazing to have. It saves time and you can get your coffee with one hand, I highly recommend all new moms to get one (if they weren't so expensive, I'd get one for every baby shower I attend). Some other favorites: Swaddle Designs organic cotton swaddle blankets, Dr. Brown's bottles (we rarely use a bottle, but this is the only one he will use), and nursing bras.

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

We went to New York when Wylie was 2 months old to visit his great-grandparents and his great-great grandma. It was a lot of fun to have 5 generations together and my husband had never been up there either. We are planning another trip in September and we're planning to go to the city this time. Wylie is much more active and interactive this time, so I think it will be a lot of fun!

Any advice for first-time mothers?

Do what feels right to you. You are the mother and only you know your child best. The first 2 months I let people walk all over me and I was miserable and I became resentful of them and myself. Something changed, though, and now I do what I think is best for my son. You are your child's biggest advocate so do not be afraid - you know more than you think!

Thanks Ashley! Check out Ashley's blog to read more!
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Carly Anne said...

The Mister and I are beginning ttc this month and I have really enjoyed reading this series. So much great advice!

Holly said...

Ashley is one of the best moms I know (of course I could be biased since she's my best friend, haha). But it's great to read her advice to new moms and it's something I'll carry with me whenever I have kids of my own someday :)

THE COOKS said...

Having an almost one year old, your "Moms and Babies" posts are such a great idea! I love reading each of their stories and getting advice/info from all of these mama's!!! So thanks! :-)

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