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This week I'm featuring Lyndsey from It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes! I found Lyndsey's blog shortly after getting pregnant with my baby, and it's been fun reading her blog through our pregnancies and the births of our little boys! Read on to learn more about her!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! I'm Lyndsey. Former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom. I have been married for 3 years, and my husband and I are loving every minute of life with our newest addition!

What's your baby's name and how old is he?

Our son's name is Liam Briggs and he is 5 1/2 months old.

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

Right now our daily schedule goes something like this…

8-8:30am - Liam wakes up and eats.
9:30am - "breakfast" time - oatmeal.
10am - Liam naps.
11am - Liam eats.
1pm - Liam naps.
2pm - Liam eats.
4pm - Liam naps.
5pm - Liam eats.
6:30pm - "dinner" - fruit/veggie.
7:30pm - Liam eats.
8pm - bedtime.

That's our typical weekday schedule with of course lots of playtime and some errands and play dates sprinkled in. I try to be at home during most of his meals so I can nurse him and run errands in between if I need to. And his "naps" can be very hit or miss depending on the day!

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

curious, flirtatious, and snuggly

What's your favorite part about being a mom?

I will have to agree with your last mama Ashley and say unconditional love! It takes my breath away how much I love my little guy. He's going to be SO embarrassed by me as he gets older because I require about 10 dozen kisses a day!

Also having something to dress up everyday is pretty fun and you CAN find cute boy clothes out there, it just takes a while to narrow down the good stores!

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

Ha….nope. I guess breastfeeding worked for me and eating (kind of) healthy, but it wasn't an overnight thing like it seems to be for everyone else. Honestly, I think it was mainly just that I gave myself time. I was super swollen after my c-section from all the iv fluids that I actually felt bigger after Liam was born! And breastfeeding was so stressful that I was afraid to cut down my meals for fear of losing my milk supply. I was pretty petite before Liam came around without having to work too hard at it, so I figured eventually I would shrink back down. And I did. It just took a little longer than others - I wasn't back down to my pre-preg weight until Liam was around 4 months. And even now that I'm down even more, my clothes still don't fit the same because my body has changed. So…just give yourself TIME! And then go shopping :)

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

We probably haven't been the best at this, but we do go on dates every now and then. We just make sure to talk to each other about our days, and not always talk about the baby. We're also pretty protective of our weekends. Since Will's not home much during the week we will block out family time or plan activities ahead of time to maximize our time together.

Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

I agree with what a lot of the other moms have said - I feel like there's good "must-haves" for every stage and they constantly change! Liam's playmat has been one consistent thing he's been able to grow with and it still entertains him. Right now he's also liking his Jumperoo. We no longer swaddle, but the Halo Sleepsack was our saving grace! Also, get yourself a good stroller you can go walking with - my little guy LOVES to walk and it gives this mama time to think/relax/listen to music.

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

My favorite family outing has to be our vacation to the Bahamas we just took. It was a great week of just the three of us! My favorite family moments are weekend mornings when Will and I go in to wake up Liam together and he's so smiley and happy to see us both.

Any advice for first-time mothers?

Cut yourself and your baby some slack. Especially in the blog world where there are so many other people in the same season of life you are in, it's hard not to get caught up in comparing your life and your baby with theirs. It's okay if your baby doesn't meet every milestone a month early. What's important is that they're happy and healthy and are loved. Seems easy enough, but I have to remind myself of this daily!

Oh, and you can NEVER give your baby enough kisses :)

Thanks, Lyndsey! Check out Lyndsey's blog to read more!

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cait said...

Loved reading this. Lyndsey's blog is one of my favorites! :)

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Lyndsey's blog is a top favorite of mine too. Thanks for sharing this Callie. Hope you and Mr. Wyatt are having a great week.

Amanda said...

Love these two people! Thanks for highlighting her!

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