Cloth Diapering Question

So I’m considering venturing in to the wonderful terrifying world of cloth diapering.

I’m just starting to think all the money I would save would be worth all the hassle.  Disposable diapers are expensive. I also hear babies potty-train easier when using cloth diapers.

Plus, I have to admit, they’re pretty cute.

Cloth diaper

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap pictured here.

I’m not jumping in with both feet. I’m going to get one cloth diaper, and give it a try. If it’s not too scary, I’ll gradually add to my stash until we have enough to go full time.

Now, I know a lot of you have written posts on cloth diapering, and trust me, I have them starred and ready to refer to. But I wanted to ask a couple questions here, so I can get a consensus.

1. What is your favorite brand of cloth diapers, and why?

2. Do the one-size-fits-all ones work well, or would you suggest getting specific sizes? If I’m going to buy some, I’d like to be able to use them with the next kid too – would I need to buy them in bigger and smaller sizes?

And any other tips you could give me would be appreciated. I think I’m going to order one from Amazon (after I get some input from you all) and see how it goes.

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Katie said...

Make sure to share what you find out! I'm starting to wonder this myself as I feel like I am constantly buying diapers!

Natalie said...

we have only put them on callyn a few times so far but i think we're going to be starting full time soon! we have all bum genius pocket one size diapers. i figured these were the best bet for multiple kiddos and only having to buy one size!! i'm excited to use them full time! i hope you find one you like : )

Jenene said...

I love one-size diapers. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck! And my favorite brand is bumGenius. They are the #1 cloth diaper brand for a reason. They know what they're doing!

Fuzzibunz are also really popular, though I don't have any, I've heard nothing but good things from them. Both brands have a wide range of colors that I'm dying to get my hands on.

For your first diaper, I would recommend getting a pocket diaper. That way you can play with the absorbency and test it out for both day and night.

LeAnna said...

I love this topic. Hope you don't mind a lengthy comment...We're still going strong on the cloth diapering, and it's been great. A blog friend of mine did a great series on them, if you haven't already read it:

I've been cloth diapering for almost 3 years now, and I've had some changes of opinion in many areas since the start.

#1 I no longer buy ANY cloth diapers with synthetic lining/soakers. Synthetic inners are cheaper, and the vast majority, but I have found that 100% cotton (especially "organic") absorbs better, gives fewer rashes, and best of all, it bleaches out in the sun a million times better than the synthetics. It's not that the synthetics aren't good or don't work. We have plenty that are, but I just feel they hold smell aren't as breathable as cotton. I want my diapers to last us a few more kids, and I feel like the synthetics will be the first to go.

My favorites are the Gro-Via ( one size shells and their all in one diapers. The shells have an organic cotton snap in soaker and the AIO's have a two piece organic soaker pad sewn on, but they dry MUCH faster than traditional AIO's. They fit wonderfully from little bitty to now, and we've never had a leak. My favorites, hands down.

Swaddlebees and Bumgenius both make an organic cotton sized diaper, and everyone I know that has them likes them.

I also think that when I replenish worn out diapers for future babies I may just purchase good quality prefolds (from Green Mountain diapers or something like that) and use them with the covers like you showed. Simple, easy, and they can bleach clean if need be (which I'm beginning to appreciate the beauty of!)

If you don't have access to a clothes line, I wouldn't suggest buying many all-in-one diapers as they take for-ev-er to dry in the dryer. (Unless you go with something like the Gro-Via) We have weather that allows for line drying nearly all but Dec-Feb months, so I don't mind the AIO's.

If you have hard water, you may have to use some trial and error to find a good soap that cleans well. You can't wash the diapers with regular laundry detergent.

Invest in a good wetbag to store dirty diapers in between washes and a diaper sprayer for your toilet. The diaper sprayer has been a life saver.

You really can't go wrong! Check out the daily deal sites for deals on diapers, they can get expensive. But, Sprig is a year old in a few weeks and I've spent maybe $25 in disposable diapers since she was born...

Kate Craig said...

that's a great idea to experiment with one. Could you maybe link to the blog posts you've found helpful? The cleaning scares me...

Lauren said...

Ok, so I wish I could offer you a more diverse opinion but so far we've only used 1 kind. BumGenius 4.0 Elemental OS AIOs. I like that they are one size so we can easily change him to the next size with out having to reorder and do the requisite 5 washes before wearing the next size. My husband would not do pocket diapers so that limited our options. I have a co-worker who did the Bumware (AIOs) sized and she liked them. One sized ones fit ok, though a heads up that we had trouble with the 0-3mo clothes towards the end when he could still fit into them with a disposable but the cloth diapers were too big (and probably will with the 3-6 once he gets to the bigger end of those clothes). If you wanted sized ones you'd definitely need to get some in the smaller size for the next kiddo, but Wyatt is probably in the medium size right now (we had to size up before we hit the weight limit). We don't use cloth at night because they don't hold as much unless you put in a liner and we just haven't gotten any extra liners, though, with a pocket diaper I think there are better(more absorbant) liners you can put in for night time which is more convenient than the AIOs.

Sorry for writing a book! I could go on and I'm no expert in CDs. I linked to a lot of helpful posts in my cloth diapering post a while back that I used for reference.

Good luck and can't wait to hear how it turns out.

Oh and I wish I would have known about this sampler pack from cottonbabies when we started:

Emily Powell said...

I'm actually thinking about this too. Since she poops the same time everyday I could use cloth on all but those to minimize our mess!

Melissa said...

I want to do this, too, but I am kinda scared. Only a little though because everyone who cloth diapers swears by it & says it's easy now. :) I used to nanny twin girls who were cloth diapered & it was easy - only i don't remember what made it easy. They ARE cute & I love how much cheaper they are!

Bech and Marley Evans said...

Found your blog last week randomly. I have a 3 1/2 month old and we have been using cloth since he was about 3 weeks old. I have 10 bumgenius OS and 14 fuzzibunz OS, and they are both great. I think some of the diapering websites (try kellys closet and cotton babies) have trials. You can pick out several type of diapers to try, and you can send them all back if you decide you hate it!

Nadine said...

Right there with you. I'm going to try Bum Genius 4.0 I've heard only good things about those!

Jenene said...

Another thing I saw recently is a clothing extender for onesies. Since cloth diapers tend to be bulky, these can help close a onesie around a padded bum.

Here's a link, although this certainly isn't the only place you can find them.

Danielle said...

First of all, don't get overwhelmed because the cloth diaper world can be VERY overwhelming!!! We have been cloth diapering fully since Lexi was 4 months and she is now 10 months and I was TERRIFIED at first and now I realize it is the best decision that we have ever made! It is not only a way of life for us, it's an addiction! I am addicted to cloth diapers now haha! Once you get comfortable with you, it is so easy! And not that much work! As for the mess, I was scared at first but it really isn't that bad. To be completely honest I have touched more #2 in disposables than I ever have in cloth!
When we first started out we decided to use one size pocket diapers- they seemed easiest and they were most practical because you only have to buy one diaper ever, which won us! Now I am getting brave and getting the hang of inserts/prefolds with covers!! Cloth diapers are making their way into this age big time!
Check out Jillians drawers, they have a trial and they provide you with a bunch of different kinds of diapers to try and you decide what you like best then return it all and go from there! Some pages on facebook that were very helpful for me were Jack Be Natural and Sweetbottoms baby. They both have cloth diapers and accessories with free shipping all the time!! Definitely a plus in my book! If you have any questions at all feel free to email me! I have learned so much through this process and have converted a couple friends and am more than happy to help!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

hey, my cousin has a blog and has a lot of info on cloth diapers:

specifically in this post, she says what kind of cloth diapers she has, and how she likes them, how they have "performed". It will be of real help to you, and she always like new followers

Rachel and John said...

I LOVE cloth diapering! My favourite kind are Bum Genius 4.0. They are one size and they fit Henry really well. I have written 2 posts on cloth diapering:

If you have any question or just want to chat about them, I would love to help!!

OlyviaNoel said...

Hey! We are absolutely going to do cloth diapering when our little one arrives in January. There are so many brands out there, but for now I'm settling on the Bumgenious organic all-in-ones. There's no pocket, and it is very much like a disposable (only with so many cute colors) so it won't be intimidating for friends and family to change the diaper. The good thing is, if one brand doesn't work or your child is a heavy wetter, there's so many other options. I hear buying 12-18 is a great amount and can be used for other kids as they come along. Of course, you'll wash more but it's worth the $avings. I'd like to hear what you decide and how it goes! Check out local baby boutiques if you can, because sometimes they offer a "cloth diaper party" where they bring different diapers over and you can feel/see each one before making a decision.

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

The most popular are the one size diapers. And the 3 top favorites with those are bumgenious, fuzzibunz and charlie banana. I've done a bit of research and I'll probably test some of each and see which is our personal favorite before investing in a stock pile of anyone kind. I've heard it just comes down to personal preference. If you only want to test it out first, I'd suggest getting one cheap from Zulily. They have Fuzzibunz for 50% off right now and they just had charlie banana not too long ago.

Brittany Ann said...

We love our one-size bumGenius with snaps. Their only downside is that the one-size is slightly bulkier on a non-walking baby because of the snaps up the front. But it's worth it, as it saves you money. Fitteds are much more expensive.

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