First Cookie {Oh Snap! Linkup}

My blog friend Lauren is hosting a linky party today, and I'm linking up! This is a good opportunity to post a picture of the bebe, since I think I've been slacking in the photo department lately. If you get a chance stop by and say hello to Lauren, and if you have a cute photo and story from this week, post it and link up with Oh Snap!shots Of The Week!


This picture requires a bit of explaining. This week we decided Wyatt was ready to try teething biscuits.

Tuesday was the day. I carefully unwrapped the "cookie", set Wyatt in his bumbo, then held it out to him.

Wyatt looked at the cookie intently, scrunched his eyebrows and shook his fists like he always does when he's excited, then tentatively reached for it.

I expected him to go to town on it. Instead he grabbed it, then promptly stuck his thumb in his mouth. The cookie was nowhere near his little lips. I guess he was more tired than hungry?

Anyway, after snapping the above picture of his cuteness, I took it back and we tried again.

He got the hang of it pretty quickly!

After it was too late I realized that these seemingly innocent biscuits make a big mess when in the hands of a curious baby - note to self, don't forget the bib!

P.S. Check back this afternoon for the winner to the Fashion To Figure Giveaway!
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Ash said...

We have those teething biscuits or something similar and they get really gross! I think they're great but I don't love the mess

chloƫ. said...

oh my gosh he's a cutie pie! love that grin! (and emailing you back is on my to-do list for today!)

Unknown said...

I love it! What a perfect picture to capture for Oh Snap! this week. The "firsts" are always a must to document on camera. The hubby laughs at me because I am so fanatical about catching all "firsts." Thanks for linking up!!

LeAnna said...

Aaaaaagggghhh! Teething biscuits make the hugest mess EVAR. But boy do they love them.

She Said... said...

Wyatt is such a cutie in these pictures! Love his hair!
as far as teething biscuits, you should also try baby MUM MUMs they come in a variety of flavors and don't make quite the mess as the biscuits. And I even enjoy the taste of them!

Also, I would LOVE to hear your Christmas Wassail recipe!

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