If You Really Want To Know . . .

I decided to do a new Questions and Answers post! I did one last year before I told you all I was pregnant, so obviously alot has changed since then. You might have new questions for me. Or you might not have been around last year when I did the Q&A post.

This is your chance, People! You can ask me anything. I may not answer if I think the question is too private (or I may answer privately if I feel like being transparent, so include your e-mail if you really want to know).

I'm trying out a new survey website, so you can ask your question completely anonymously! I don't think most of you mind if I know you asked me the question, but some of you might - so you can be anonymous if you want to. Plus I just wanted to try out this snazzy system.

And in regards to the second question, don't worry, I got the message - a post about my thoughts on cloth diapering is in the works.

Ask away! I'll post my answers sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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