My Boy Is Eight

Months old, that is!

Yes, it makes me feel better to say it that way. Eight months doesn’t seem quite so bad when you think about how it could be years old.



Yes, those are little baby Carharts. Oh so cute!

This month Wyatt has been “talking” a lot more – we love it! He still hasn’t associated the “mama” sound with me, but we’re working on it. We’re also working on “dada”.

He’s doing this adorable thing where he scrunches his nose when he smiles – Derek and I both laugh every time he does it! He also gives a crooked smile sometimes, and it’s so cute.



We’ve tried a lot of new foods this month – including but not necessarily limited to peas, squash, apples, pears, wheat cereal, and “cookies”, aka teething biscuits.


Wyatt got a new activity center/toy this month from his grandparents, and he loves it (thanks Mom)! My dad calls it his “city”, and I think that’s an accurate description – there are a ton of toys on this thing! It keeps him entertained, that’s for sure.


We had a little sleeping relapse at the beginning of this month, but we’re back out of it now – and actually he’s sleeping even better now than before his relapse. He’ll go 13-14 straight hours most nights, without even that early morning feeding we used to do. I do not take his good sleeping patterns for granted, and I’m very grateful!

Lately when we put him to bed he grabs his blanket and pulls it up over his mouth, scrunches his nose and buries his face in the blanket. It's the cutest thing ever! I want to try to get it on film. Don't worry, I make sure his face isn't buried in it while he sleeps.


He’s been sitting for a while, but lately his balance is really good – he can balance on anything unassisted, even when I put him on my lap. No crawling yet, but he can get up on his hands and knees! He figured out the sippy cup this month, and he looks like such a “big boy” when he drinks out of it.

Picnik collage

He still acts like he’s teething, but he’s been acting like he’s teething for months. I’m not expecting anything until 11 months – that’s when I got my first tooth, and I think he’s taking after me. I’m loving his gummy smile!


The fall colors have been beautiful around here lately, so we took a few pictures in front of our trees.




Wyatt – Boy,

You are growing up so fast!  I can’t believe it’s been 8 months since you were born. You truly are my sunshine – you brighten up my day. I love your happy noises, and I love the smiles you always have for me and your daddy. It’s hard to remember those days I had at home before you were born, and I love having you here with me when your dad is away at work! I wouldn’t trade our days together for anything. You are my sweet little man, and I love you so much. I thank the Lord for you every day.

Love You Always,

Your Mama

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Krystle said...

My boys turned 8 months yesterday! Still working on the sippy cup thing...Jack took to it much easier :)

I love this stage!

Lori said...

Oh he is so cute! He and savannah would b fast friends, he is doing mostly everything she's doing. This is such a fun stage, its almost like we r watching them become these big kids and they r only 8 months!

Momma Megan said...

Callie, I feel like his little face & expressions changed a lot this month! Wyatt is such a sweetie, love his smile!

Natalie said...

He is so adorable!
You are totally right-months (or just weeks in my case) don't seem so bad when it could be YEARS. Oh my...their little lives are just going to fly!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

He is soooooooooooooo cute, Callie!! He reminds me of Krew when he was that age. :) The blonde spiky hair and adorable grin.

Love the updates. :)

LeAnna said...

He is so so soo adorable, and changing so much! Looking more and more like a little boy every day. (here, take a kleenex, sniff) My Q was a late teether. Got his first tooth at 10 months, and they came in soooooo slow after that. He's nearly 3 and we're still waiting for his 2year molars to come in. Seeing as how you were a late teether, have you noticed healthier teeth because of it?? I've been told that the longer it takes for the new teeth to come in, the more apt the adult teeth are to be very, very healthy. What's your theory?

Lyndsey said...

He is so adorable! Where does he get all that blonde hair from??

I can't wait for Liam to say "mama." Even if it's not necessarily directed towards you yet, I bet it's still fun to hear Wyatt say it!

Kelli Herrington said...

He is so precious, what a handsome lil man! Yes I do agree time flies by so fast, wish it would slow down.

Michelle said...

Wyatt is absolutely adorable! He is one of the cutest babies and his smile could just make your entire day! Thanks for adding the pictures!

Michelle said...

Wyatt is absolutely adorable! He is one of the cutest babies and his smile could just make your entire day! Thanks for adding the pictures!

Melanie said...

Wow..8 months!!! The time truely does fly!! I just LOVE his hair..something I've loved about him since day one!! Can't believe all the milestones he's acheived too..sippy cups and sitting up!! What a big boy!!

Meghan said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Callie, your little guy is a doll baby. Wyatt just gets cuter and cuter with each passing month. I love all of these pictures and am insanely jealous of your fall colors. Happy 8 months Wyatt!

Ashley said...

So cute!!! I love that scrunchy-nose smile! :) that picture of you and him outside with him in that animal hat - adorable!!! That hat is awesome!!!

Lauren said...

Love the photos! He is such a cutie!

Felicia said...

Wyatt is so adorable - I love his hair! He just seems to be growing into a little man so quickly! But when he actually is 8 years, I think that will make me feel old, because then we'll have been friends for like 16 or 17 years or something like that!

cait said...

ah he is so cute!! Love his sweet smile! so full of joy!

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