Three Things


I heard three stories today that just broke my heart.  I wanted to share them quickly in a blog post so all you ladies could say a prayer for these families too.  I know a lot of you are great prayer warriors!  I can’t remember the locations of all three, but I’ll give you the basics.

First, I heard about two teenage boys who were out in the mountains with their dad.  The dad was rock climbing and the boys were fishing.  He could see them the whole time except for fifteen minutes, but sometimes during those fifteen minutes the boys and their truck disappeared.  They most likely weren’t out joy-riding, because that was yesterday, and there is still no sign of them.  Please pray that they would find these boys before harm comes to them!  They could have been kidnapped, and anything could happen after that.

Second, I heard about a family with a ten month old baby girl.  I guess the mother put her down for a nap in her room, and after the father came home they went to check on her and she was gone.  Disappeared right out of the room.  Can you say nightmare?  Please pray for that family, and that they would find their baby girl before anything bad happens.

And thirdly, I heard about a women who was pregnant and lost her baby because she ate some cantaloupe that was contaminated with listeria.  That would be so heartbreaking.  Please pray for comfort for her.

It’s rare that a news story catches my attention enough to make it on the blog, but I can’t get these three out of my mind.  I think that happens for a reason sometimes when the Lord wants me to pray especially for a certain situation, so I’m asking for you ladies to join me in praying for these families too.

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Melanie said...

Praying for all 3..the 2nd one you mentioned might have happened here in WV ...there was a little girl who disappeared just like you scary.

Lauren said...

so scary with the precious baby girl...I know there are so many similar situations, but the one on the news in KC is way too close to home for my comfort!

Unknown said...

How terrible! I can't imagine {nor do I want to} losing a child. I can see why you can't stop thinking about these stories. Serious nightmare. I will pray for them.

She Said... said...

Callie, I am praying for them! stories with children dying, hurting, or missing break my heart! Thank you for sharing these so that others can pray for them and the families as well.

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