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This morning I woke up and opened my Google reader for a little blog reading to start my day, and I came across this post on Katy's blog on the alternatives to abortion and support that pregnancy resource centers present.

She and her husband participated in the Walk For Life to support their local pregnancy center this year, and someone had left her a (anonymous) comment on a previous post about how they think that pregnancy centers help people to choose life for their babies and then drop them like a hot potato with no follow-up care.

Katy wrote a very mature and well thought-out response showing how many resources these pregnancy centers do offer to mothers who need them. I hope you'll take time to read it and give her a little encouragement for speaking out on behalf of unborn babies!

The pro-life movement has always been close to my heart, but especially since having my own baby, and seeing him on the ultrasound, watching him grow - it breaks my heart to think of these babies that never get a chance to live, and to think of the pain of the women who I know regret the decision to end their babies' lives.

I hope you'll also consider giving a donation to help your local pregnancy center in light of the Walk for Life events, and if you want to you can donate at Katy and Jason's fundraising page as well - even if it's just five bucks, I know they'd appreciate it! You may have missed out on the Walk for Life this year (like me), but you can still make a difference.

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Krystle said...

We have two amazing centers here that not only help the Mommy's before and during the pregnancy, but after as well.
I am sure there are those out there, that the person mentioned, who don't do the job well.
But for every one of those I believe there are many many others.
This is something I am so passionate about, and spent my free time (before twins) working in a home with teen Mom's and our church works with the local Pregnancy Resource Center.
I am ready to jump back in once life allows...going to check out their site now!

HIS daughter said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much! This humbles me. You are such a blessing! :) Wow,thank you :) It is neat because I know the Lord wrote it and gave me the desire to even do a post because I tend to shy away from that kind of thing but he gave me courage! :) He is so good!

Jenene said...

For anyone who wants to get their church involved, my church did had a neat fundraiser for our local pregnancy crisis center: they bought a bunch of toy baby bottles from the dollar store, and brought them to church. Then they asked church members to grab a few, fill them with spare change, and bring them back. All the money went to the pregnancy center.

This would be a great fundraiser to do right before Mother's Day.

Natalie said...

That's great!
WE have an AWESOME pregnancy center here! When I was pregnant volunteered to let their techs practice an ultrasound on me (hello, getting to see my baby an extra time for free...yes please!!) because they are starting to give out free ultrasounds because studies have shown that when a woman can actually SEE that there is a BABY growing inside of her, not just a ball of cells, she's less likely to get an abortion! And I can see how that is so true. Pregnancy centers are wonderful!!

Lauren said...

The Bible study I attend recently volunteered at a pregnancy center in my area. We restocked their shelves with diapers and held a Bible study. The mothers that attended the group earned "baby bucks" to spend on baby items in the store at the pregnancy center.

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