The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer . . .

Is singing loud for all to hear!

No, this post is not about the movie Elf.

I’m not sure if I qualify as someone who listens to Christmas music early or not.  I suppose some might consider November early, and I do listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I generally save my favorite Christmas music until the Christmas season is in full swing.

I don’t always start listening to Christmas music early, but once December hits, I really don’t want to listen to regular music.  If I only listen to Christmas music one month or so a year, I want to take full advantage of it!  It actually annoys me a little bit when I’m in  a store the week before Christmas, and they still stubbornly have non-Christmas music on.  Where’s the Christmas spirit?

Anyway, I have a lot of albums in my Christmas collection, and many of them are CD’s we listened to growing up.  It’s amazing how music brings back memories.

Here are some of the albums I have now, plus some of my favorites from growing up that I want to add.


Alabama’s Christmas CD’s 1 &2

Favorite song: Pretty much the whole first CD, and “Happy Birthday, Jesus” on the second CD.  The first CD is at the top of my favorites list.


Alan Jackson, Let It Be Christmas

Favorite Song: I love the title track.


Johnny Cash, The Christmas Spirit

Favorite song: “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”.


Kenny and Dolly, Once Upon A Christmas

Favorite song: The whole CD just brings back good memories for me, but I suppose I like “With Bells On”


The Nativity Story Soundtrack

Favorite song: I just love all the music from that movie.


Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Christmas Album

Favorite song:  I love the song “Love Has Brought Him Here”.  One of my all-time favorites.  The whole CD is really good.

toby keith

Toby Keith, Christmas to Christmas

Favorite song: I like this whole CD too, but I really like “Santa, I’m Right Here”, and “What Made The Baby Cry?”.


Steven Curtis Chapman, All I Want For Christmas

Favorite song: The title track.  It makes me cry (literally) every time I hear it.


Todd Agnew and Friends, Do You See What I See?

Favorite song: I wrote about this CD last year.  I love it because the whole CD is songs from the perspectives of different characters in the Nativity, so it is so focused on the true meaning of Christmas.  I like “Magnifcat” and “In The First Light” best.


Josh Groban, Noel

Favorite song: I like his rendition of “Silent Night”.  but it’s Josh Groban, so the whole CD is good.


George Strait, Merry Christmas Strait To You, and Merry Christmas Wherever You Are

Favorite song: “There’s A New Kid In Town,  and “Old Time Christmas”.  Both CD’s have a lot of good memories for me though.


Sawyer Brown, Hallelujah, He Is Born

Favorite Song: “Where Christmas Goes”, but the whole thing is really good, and very Christ-centered.


Kenny Roger’s, The Gift

Favorite song: The best song on the CD is “A Soldier’s King”, by far.


Frank Sinatra, The Christmas Collection

Favorite song: It’s Frank, the whole thing is good.  But I also really like his version of “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day” and “Christmas Memories”.

Okay, I’ll stop there.  I think I’ve covered most of them, though we did have a couple of variety CD’s growing up that had some of my favorite songs, but I couldn’t find them anywhere online.

  Clearly we’re big Christmas music fans in our family!  There are so many great Christmas songs out there, and I have so many good memories of listening to those songs – as we decorated the tree, in the car as we traveled to visit family, on Christmas morning.  Those memories will always be special to me, and the music brings them back.

What are some of your favorite Christmas albums?  I’m always looking for new ones!


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Anonymous said...

I love country music! I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) Josh Groban's album is a must-have, too, I agree!

Jamie Leigh said...

You covered all my favorites!! I am a HUGE Christmas music lover as well. I haven't listened to anything else since Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

Why did I not take you to be a country music person?? My husband's favorite is the Alabama Christmas so seeing that one first made me smile :) I like Elvis and all the (really old school) Bing Crosby & the other old ones from the old Christmas movies. :)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I have to admit I start listening in late October early November! :) My favorite albums are The Charlie Brown Christmas collection, Celion Dion's Christmas Album and I really enjoy listening to the Bing Crosby Pandora Station. And The Carpenter's Christmas songs!

Felicia said...

Josh Groban's Christmas album is so gooooooooood!!! However, this year I've been listening to Michael Buble's new Christmas album a lot. It's really great. Another wonderful one is Chris Tomlin's "Glory in the Highest." It is without a doubt the most worshipful Christmas cd I've heard!

Nicole said...

wow, you are hardcore about your christmas selection! My favorite and the one that brings back childhood cozy feelings would have to be the Amy Grant christmas CD. Love it.

Lauren said...

I love Christmas music, even more when it's country! I like your suggestions. Last year I got the Sugarland - Gold and Green CD and I'm a big fan!

Melanie said...

Ah I do love me some country music..espeically when its the Christmas variety!! My all time FAV is Patty Loveless Christmas album.."Bluegrass, White Snow"!

hi-d said...

I am so with you on the Christmas Music. I too started listening to it in November and I pretty much don't listen to any other type of music. haha...

I really love Harry Connick Jr. & Michael Buble's Christmas music.

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