Christmas Simplifying


I feel so ahead of the game this Christmas.

This is unusual for me.  Usually I’m running behind on something related to Christmas every year.  For goodness sake, I didn’t wrap a single present until Christmas Eve last year.

December usually feels like an out-of-control and crazy month, but I’m feeling so in control this year.

Actually, I would have thought I’d be running more behind this year than ever, because it’s Wyatt’s first Christmas, we’re having a big birthday party for Derek this year, I’m planning a shower for my sister right after the holidays . . . but somehow I’m getting everything done in record time.

I finished my Christmas shopping a week ago.  All of it.  And I have probably 75% of my wrapping done now too.  We did a lovely Christmas photo shoot (photos still coming), the Christmas cards have been sent out, the birthday invites have been sent out, and shower invites are on their way out.  I’ve bought all the ingredients to the Christmas goodies I plan to make.  I bought Wyatt’s first Christmas ornament and our first family-of-three ornament.  We even had time and energy to throw a crazy sweater party in there (recap coming soon). 

The only thing we have left to do is go shopping for stocking stuffers.  I’m loving having everything mostly done, because it’s allowing me to just sit back and enjoy all the gatherings and festivities without rushing around to get everything done beforehand.

I think what has made this year different is (1) I started preparations earlier than usual, and (2) I’m trying to simplify things.  I definitely needed to simplify things this year with all the extra events to be planned, on top of it being the first year I’m doing Christmas preparations with Wyatt to take care of too.

For example, the list of Christmas goodies is less complicated than normal – I’m just making our favorites.

I did more shopping online as well, which took out a lot of the leg work.

And one other way we’re simplifying this year is with regards to wrapping presents.  I bought a big roll of shiny red wrapping paper, and we wrapped all our presents in the same paper.  It seemed like less energy than getting different colors and patterns and trying to find bows and ribbons to match.  Plus I just wanted to do something different.

We did buy different colors of ribbon, and we color-coded each present according to which side of the family it goes to – Derek’s side of the family gets red ribbon, my side gets green ribbon, and our own little family’s gifts are wrapped with gold ribbon. 

The organizer in me loves this, and I think they look good under our tree:


Now just to keep Wyatt from ripping them apart!  He’s fascinated with the presents, and he’ll crawl up to them and just poke at them with his little fingers.  I keep finding little finger holes and rips in the paper!

In what ways do you simplify the Christmas season craziness?

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Kara @ Just1Step said...

Good job being on top of things, Callie! It's funny, normally I feel like December is crazy, also, but I actually feel calm this year because my schedule is so mild compared to how it'd been the four months prior. So glad you're on top of everything and not stressed. :)

Katie said...

So glad for you that you are feeling much more in control this year! I am not. But that is because I have procrastination problems which is my own fault! :)

After today though, I will be feeling much better as all our "out of town" gifts will be on their way. Phew!

Jamie Leigh said...

Sounds like you are so organized and ready for Christmas!! I also need to get stocking stuffers...still trying to think of out of the box things for it!

Michelle said...

I wish I could have planned ahead for this Christmas! Your presents look lovely. Where did you get the ornaments for first Christmas? I have been looking everywhere for an ornament for a first Christmas together.

Sarah said...

I'm at the same point as you, crazy right?? I have never been this done this far from Christmas before and I am absolutely loving it.

What stocking stuffers are you thinking for him? I have never bought stocking stuffers before (obviously) and she won't appreciate most of it so I want something that will be fun for her too. I totally forgot about doing that - good thing you said something your post!

Venessa said...

I am mostly done too! It helped so much to do the majority of our shopping on line! Saves so much time at the stores and in lines. I love your wrapping idea and something we may have to try next year. This year I just used whatever we had left from the previous years...its still festive and I wanted to FINALLY get rid of it! Christmas should be simple so that we can enjoy the precious moments it is filled with! Yay for being ahead of the game!

Jessica said...

Great job! Maybe I need to simplify too, because I'm way behind. It always seems to get done though even though I feel this way every year :-)

Good idea color-coding the ribbon! I might have to do that as well

Natalie said...

That's a great idea for the presents! ANd they look awesome too :) I really need to start wrapping ours!!

Carly Anne said...

I'm almost afraid to say it, lest some unforeseen task list turn up, but I'm ahead of the game too! Online shopping is definitely a life saver.

Kathryn said...

I love seeing the gifts pile up under the tree. And I love having all the wrapping paper match, only this year it's a real hodge podge of colors. Oh well. :)There is still almost nothing so pretty as a tree with presents under it.

Lyndsey said...

Cute wrappings!! I still need to get stocking stuffers too - besides his favorite candy, I don't know WHAT to get the hubs! Got any good ideas???

Mom of 12 said...

Wow! I wish I were feeling a little more in control. I talked with a friend today and she says she has been totally ready since Black Friday. I still have tons of things to do!

Anne said...

I feel ahead of the game this year too. Not sure what I did differently, maybe I just have more time. But it's wonderful being able to enjoy the season and not feel stressed out!

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