January-June 2011


The year 2011 has brought so many wonderful changes to our little family!  Every year I do a recap of highlights from each month of the year, and this year’s recap will be fun to write because so much fun stuff has happened!  I’ll do the first six months today and the second six months tomorrow.



-I reached 32 weeks in my pregnancy.

-We took some maternity pictures on January 8th!

-I had my baby shower on January 9th.

-We continued to work on my crazy baby to-do list.

-I reached 34 weeks in my pregnancy.  I was measuring 3 centimeters behind, so we scheduled an ultrasound to check my little guy’s growth.

-I killed my iPod.

-The girls at work threw my coworker and me a joint baby shower!



-I got my little guy’s baby book in the mail!

-We found out the baby was growing just fine at the ultrasound, and I got to see his chubby cheeks.

-I got an iPod touch to replace my poor Nano.

-I bought an adorable little hat for my Babykins.

-At my 36 week appointment my blood pressure was high and I had some protein in the initial urine tests.  The sent me to the hospital and kept me overnight for monitoring.  The day I turned 36 weeks pregnant I spent in the hospital.

-They lost part of my 24-hour urine test (how do you lose 600 mL of urine between the hospital room and the lab?  I have no idea), but my blood pressure was better, so they sent me home to repeat the 24-hour test on my own.  I posted a full recap of that adventure here.

-I went in for another doctor’s appointment and got the highest blood pressure reading yet.

-I got the results back from my second 24-hour urine test, and it wasn’t so good.  Off to the hospital we went to be induced!  I was so excited and scared at the same time.

-On February 11, 2011 our sweet Wyatt was born!  A moment that changed my life forever.  You can read the full birth story here.

-We came home from the hospital on February 13th.

-We spent Wyatt’s first Valentine’s Day as our first full day home as a family!

-After Wyatt was born I finished some of the final touches and revealed his nursery!

-We just spent the next few weeks figuring out life with our sweet baby!  I did end up getting pretty sick with an infection in there too, but it cleared up nicely with some antibiotics.

-I finally posted our maternity pictures (here they are, part one and two).

-We had Wyatt’s newborn photos taken (session one and two).



-We reached our due date with a three week old baby!

-Wyatt turned one month old.

-We lost the bumper on our car.  I was sure it must have been stolen, but what I never got around to mentioning on here was that we did end up finding it later.  How it fell off the car without being loose, and without me hitting anything with it will always be a mystery to me.

-I started getting out more with Wyatt.

-We had several firsts – Wyatt’s first basketball game, first date without Wyatt, Wyatt’s first shoes, etc.

-Wyatt rolled over (stomach to back) for the first time on March 27th!



-I took Wyatt on his first walk outside on April 1st.

-On April 2nd Wyatt smiled for the first time!

-Derek and Wyatt had their first “guy’s night” (April 4th) while I went out for dinner with my mom and sister.

-We got to meet Anne and her husband for dinner on the 5th!

-Wyatt turned two months old.

-My laptop died and I had to get a new one.

-Right when I got home from picking up the new laptop, my knee “popped”, and I fell and realized I couldn’t move my leg with pain shooting through my knee.  Thankfully I wasn’t holding Wyatt at the time.  I dragged myself and the carseat inside our front door and shortly after went to the urgent care center (horrible experience there).

-Ended up going to the ER.  Found out I tore the meniscus in my knee and flipped it out of place.  Scheduled surgery.

-Had surgery the next morning on the 17th.

-Wyatt blessed us by starting to sleep through the night on April 20th/21st!  Right when we needed rest most.

-I spent the next week on the couch because I could hardly move without pain, and tried to figure out how to use crutches, which I would be on for the next six weeks.

-We spent our first Easter as a family!

-I ended up developing a blood clot in my leg and they put me on aspirin.  I felt like a sickly person for the first time in my life.

-Friends and family came to help me for the next several weeks, because I was not allowed to put any weight on my leg and therefore couldn’t carry Wyatt around.

-Trimmed Wyatt’s nails for the first time on April 28th.

-I spent a lot of time on the couch blogging and watching TV since I couldn’t get around to take care of my own baby.  This was pretty depressing.  But the idea for the Moms and Babies feature was born during that time, and I finally made a blog button.



-I posted the reveal of our new bedroom in our finished basement! It had been finished for a while, but I finally got around to posting it.

-It was getting really hard not to feel depressed about not being able to do anything with Wyatt and sitting around all the time.

-Osama Bin Laden was killed.  The post “Death Of An Evil Man” has my thoughts on the subject.

-Wyatt laughed for the first time on May 10th!

-Wyatt turned three months old.

-I had my first Mother’s Day as a mom!

-I went to a tea party at Ashley’s house. It was so fun!

-I had an ultrasound to check on blood clot and it was still there.  I was put on injectable blood thinners.

-It snowed and we built Wyatt’s first snowman.

-We lost our dog for three weeks while she went on a trip to Missouri.

-I started to get a little more independent, because I figured out that if I stationed myself and Wyatt on the couch with the baby bag and bouncer seat within reach, I could take care of us both by myself.  This worked out well for the last couple weeks of my crutches.

-I visited my orthopedic surgeon and got the okay to get rid of the crutches!  What I didn’t mention was that I burst into tears after that appointment when I realized that even though I technically could put weight on my leg now, I still couldn’t walk very well without my crutches.  I spent the next few weeks with very limited movement in my knee and a horrible limp.



-I went back to work

-Wyatt turned four months old.

-We celebrated my birthday!

-Wyatt started grabbing toys intentionally (15th) and held his own bottle (19th).

-We celebrated Derek’s first Father’s Day as a dad!

-We got rid of our satellite TV service.  I wrote about why in these posts (part one and two).

-Blood clot still there.  More injections of blood thinners.

-Found out my sister-in-law was pregnant again!

-We just enjoyed the beautiful summer weather.


To be continued tomorrow . . .

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Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

I love this! So awesome to look back on!

Laura said...

This is a great post! I recently started following your blog so it was great to read the highlights of your year through the links you posted!


LeAnna said...

Phew, what a whirlwind of the first half of the year, huh? SO hard to believe your little man will be a year old so soon!!!

Lauren said...

What a great post idea. So good to look back on the year!

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