July-December 2011


Here is part two of our 2011 recap!


-Wyatt rolled from his back to his stomach on the 2nd!

Derek and I took an anniversary getaway the weekend before the 4th!

-Wyatt’s first Independence Day! We celebrated by taking him on his first trip to the zoo on the 3rd.

-The last space shuttle launch on July 8th, at least until the re-fund the space program.  I was not happy about it.

-Wyatt turned five months old.

-We celebrated our anniversary! Derek surprised me and took us to this farmhouse restaurant for dinner.

-Wyatt grabbed his feet for the first time that I noticed on the 22nd.

-We started Wyatt on solids on the 23rd!  We also took him swimming for the first time!

-I quit Facebook.  I never wrote a post about it, but I might at some point.

-I went to physical therapy, but only once.  Apparently that was enough to loosen my knee up, because shortly thereafter I could walk without much of a limp!



-Wyatt started to give me kisses on August 1st!

-Somewhere in the beginning of August I went to a hematologist, who told me I should be on blood thinners for six months, even after bloodwork confirming I have no unusual clotting factors..  I got a second opinion from a different hematologist, who said I could go off of them right away, because I had been on them for three months, and my clot was so small it was almost gone.  I went with the second hematologists opinion and was so glad to be done with those horrible shots.

-We started giving Wyatt more vegetables.  He also started sitting up sometime this month.

-Wyatt turned six months old!

-We had six month photos taken.

-We started Wyatt on formula full-time.

-We went to a baseball game.

-I spent a lot of time driving around the neighborhood looking at houses with Wyatt snoozing in the backseat.  Just for fun.

-I started packing for our vacation in the beginning of September!



-We gave Wyatt even more vegetables and fruits this month – he liked everything! 

-We went on vacation out East to visit Derek’s brother and sister-in-law!  We had a great time!

-Wyatt flew on an airplane for the first time, met his aunt and uncle for the first time, and saw the beach for the first time!

-Wyatt turned seven months old!

- Derek and I went out on a date for the first time in months.

-I started feeling crafty and started on a few projects, including tailoring a men’s shirt to fit me.

-Somewhere in here I moved my toiletries into our newly finished downstairs bathroom, which we finished over the summer!  The basement is officially complete.

-My sister got engaged!  I believe it was in September (I start to lose track of things if I don’t blog about them right away!).  More to come.



-I looked at our monthly budget and started considering cloth diapering.  I bought our first cloth diapers (Oh Katy and Fuzzibunz were the first ones we tried).

-I realized September was banned book month (and I participated by reading the Bible!).

-I gave Wyatt his first teething “cookie”.

-Wyatt and I went to Ikea for the first time.

-Wyatt turned eight months old.

-Wyatt started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  This happened sometime in October I think, I’m not completely sure when, but it was so cute!

-Wyatt got his first tooth on the 16th! Followed closely by the second on the 19th.

-I got up my courage and we started using cloth diapers.

-We visited a pumpkin patch and corn maze with Wyatt!

-I planted flower bulbs for the first time, painted a shelf for the new bathroom, and started on a quilt, all recapped in this post.



-Wyatt started army crawling somewhere in here – I didn’t write down the exact day, but it was somewhere toward the end of October or beginning of November!

-I started posting more about cloth diapers (first impressions, about the money, and various posts with tips from other moms).  More to come in 2012.

-Wyatt kind of waved on November 13th!

-I hosted the Salvation Stories link-up on my blog and posted my testimony – I loved reading everyone’s stories!

-We had our Christmas pictures taken.

-We celebrated Thanksgiving (Wyatt’s first), and set up our Christmas tree!  Wyatt picked out his stocking and saw Christmas lights for the first time.

-We gave Wyatt pureed meat for the first time.  First it was ham and gravy and he hated it.  Then we tried chicken and apples, and he liked that better!  We also tried pumpkin on Thanksgiving Day.



-We started bundling Wyatt up in his cute winter coats, we went on a Christmas shopping trip with Wyatt, and we got a beautiful advent calendar from Derek’s brother and sister-in-law!  All recapped in this post.

-Wyatt pulled himself up on his knees (7th).

-We hosted an ugly sweater party.

-We took Wyatt to his first Christmas parade.

-Wyatt turned ten months old!

-We bought Wyatt’s first Christmas ornament, and our first family-of-three ornament.

-Wyatt had his first haircut on the 23rd.

-We celebrated our first Christmas with Wyatt!

-Wyatt got his second upper tooth on the 26th.

-We celebrated Derek’s birthday by going ice skating, out to eat, and to a movie.

-We celebrated New Year’s Eve!


So much has happened for our family in 2011 – most significantly becoming a family of three!  The Lord has given us so much to be thankful this past year, and I feel so blessed.  I’m looking forward to seeing what He has in store for us in 2012, and I’m so glad that He is in control of our story – because His plans are the best plans!

Wishing each of you blessings in 2012!

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Anne said...

I like these posts - you do such a great job of documenting everything that happened throughout the year. It's fun to look back. And fun that we got to meet up this year! We might be back out there in late February. I'll keep you posted :)

Unknown said...

Gosh, what a WONDERFUL year!

Kirsten said...

Sounds like you all have had a fun year! Wyatt looks so cute in the picture with the lights!

Melanie said...

What a wonderful year it has been!!! Hope you and your family has a great New Year!!

Annie said...

LOVE all the pictures!! what a blessed year you have had!! :) so fun to look back through everything! :)

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