Thirty Things For Your Birthday


This week we’re celebrating my handsome husband’s birthday!


There are so many things I love about Derek, and I thought in honor of his birthday, I would list a few here.

To Derek

Thirty Things I Love About You

1. I love your heart to follow the Lord.

2. I love that you are a strong spiritual leader for our family.

3. I love your laugh.

4. I love how dedicated you are to providing for us.

5.  I love that you are a hard worker.

6. I love that you can fix our cars yourself.

7. I love that you put up with the dog (you know which one) because you know that I love him.

8. I love seeing you get so excited over football (even if I might not always understand it, I still think it’s cool).

9.  I love how you are patient with me (and I know being married to me you need a lot of patience).

10. I love that you love decorating for Christmas as much as I do.

11. I love that you are such a wonderful dad to Wyatt.  I can already tell he thinks the world of you.

12. I love that you are athletic, and that you enjoy sports.

13. I love that you are also so smart, and in all the areas where I am completely clueless.  Our kids will be well-rounded in every subject.

14. I love how you are always warm (perfect match for me, considering I’m always cold).

15. I love that you are loyal to your family and friends.

16. I love how you are always so thoughtful, and how you try to think of little things to help others.

17.  I love how easy-going you are.

18. I love that you are my voice of reason.  I’m usually the voice of reason for others, but you are mine.

19. I love how you eat my food without complaining, even when I burn it.

20. I love your singing voice, and I could listen to it all day long.

21. I love how strong you are – I always feel safe with you.

22. I love your brown eyes.  I’m glad I get to look in them every day.  For that matter, I’m glad I get to look at your face for the rest of my life!  It’s such a handsome face to get to look at.

23.  I love how you like kid’s movies, just like I do!

24. I love your sense of humor.

25.  I love how much of a man you are.  People make jokes about the differences between men and women, but the differences are beautiful.  You are 100% all-man, and I love that.

26. I love how you aren’t afraid to try new things with me.

27.  I love that you are such a determined person, whether it’s with hunting or learning something new, or finishing a project.  I love that you don’t give up.

28. I love that you are never one to hold back a compliment.

29. I love that crazy face you make for the camera when you are trying to mess up my pictures.  It makes me laugh every time.

30.  I love your sense of adventure.

I love everything about you, Hon, and I love who we are together!  May these next years of your life be even better than all the years before! 

I love you, Derek.  Happy Birthday!

Your Wife,

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Kristy said...

This was so sweet!! Godly husbands are so wonderful :)

Katie said...


Truly His said...

Love this!! I might have to do it for Ike's bday :)

hi-d said...

Such a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your hubby. I like the fact that you like that he is 100% man. All too often these days men are criticized for that. God made us different - male and female, so we should celebrate that!

Heidi (hi-d)

Melanie said...

Awww..sweet post! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

jennifer blair said...

This is such a beautiful tribute to your husband! :)

Unknown said...

Hope he had a wonderful day with a wonderful you!

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