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Today is a rambling sort of day, so I hope you all don't mind. And I don't have time to include any pictures, so I hope you all aren't bored stiff.

This week Wyatt was so happy. He's always happy, but he just seemed to smile at everything this week.

I, on the other hand, felt sick Monday through Wednesday, and just had alot to deal with, so his smiley faces were such a joy in the midst of a stressful week.

I think the Lord gives me little things like that right when I need them. A sweet gesture from a stranger, an easy day at work, or this week, an extra-happy baby to cheer me up. It's easy to miss them if I don't keep my eyes open, but there is always something if I look for it.

Though it was pretty hard to miss those extra smiles from Mr. Wyatt. Just saying.


I kind of want to participate once in "Fitness Friday" over at Cait's blog, but I'm afraid my goals are a little lame when compared to the general spirit of the link-up.

Remember those first few weeks after Wyatt was born, when I did those little fitness updates? (Just check Friday posts in February and March 2011, if you're curious). Well, I was doing pilates at the time and really started to feel good about my muscle tone again, and then disaster struck and my knee went out. Which led to surgery. Which led to six weeks on the couch. Which led to me being a little scared to jump back into working out because my knee still felt weak.

And that's where it sat. I seriously have not worked out since. But amazingly, those six weeks on the couch didn't hurt me on the scale at all. I actually lost weight. Why didn't the weight come off that easy when I was trying to get in shape before my wedding, I ask you?

I'm pretty sure I was losing weight from losing muscle though.

To be honest, I lost all my pregnancy weight within ten days of Wyatt's birth (thank you nursing and forgetting to eat breakfast), and then I lost about 8-10 more pounds since then, which leaves me a little skinnier than I'd like to be.

I actually had to gain weight to get pregnant with Wyatt in the first place, so if we want a Baby #2, it probably wouldn't hurt to gain a few pounds.

But that seems kind of counter-intuitive for "Fitness Fridays".

However, that's where I am, and I would like to get in better shape physically, because I'm not a "healthy skinny" right now. So here are my fitness goals:

-Tone my muscles a little bit, but without losing any body fat.
-Gain a few pounds (which I think will come from gaining a bit of muscle - muscle weighs more than fat).
-Eat less sugar.

So my goals for next week would be to:

-Do a (gentle - remember the knee) pilates workout once next week (maybe twice).
-Eat more protein/whole grains/healthy fats for my snacks.
-Drink one full glass of water per day.

We'll see how this goes. I may or may not do an update next week, but I'm sure I will at some point.

the blessed life


Do you all have any podcasts that you really like? I have to drive 45 minutes to work, and none of my talk radio shows are on that early, so I like my podcasts. I listen to sermons through podcasts, and Focus on the Family's podcast, and the "Stuff You Missed In History Class" podcast is another current favorite. But by all means, if you have any suggestions, send them my way! I need some new ones to shake things up.


I'm pretty sure that having a yellow tissue box helps you recover more quickly from colds. You know, as opposed to blue. Because yellow is so cheerful and motivating. Don't you think?


We're Tebow fans in this house (along with lots of other people in houses in America), and we'll be going over to my parent's house to watch the game this weekend since we don't have TV service. Yes, football games are one of the rare things that warrant a trip to someone else's house, just so we can watch. Go Broncos!

Okay, that's all. Thanks for letting me ramble!

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Lori said...

So glad Wyatt was a happy baby for you this week! That in itself does wonders for a momma!!! I think your fitness goals are great, each person is different and needs to do what is right for there body!! Good luck!!

Emily Powell said...

I have the same fitness issues as you. If you don't mind me asking what was your weight when you were too thin to get pregnant? I lost A LOT of weight since Georgia was born and I need to gain some back...I am 17 pounds less now than before I got pregnant. I'm guessing it's mostly muscle tone though :(

LeAnna said...

I agree, fitness goals are different for everyone, so you do what works for you! Your goals sound great, I think we all need to eat less sugar. :P

Yay for happy smiley babies. They make the day so much better. Glad you're feeling better! Have a great weekend.

This is the Great Adventure said...

Hi Callie,

I thought I would introduce myself briefly:
My name is Lindsay, and I am a childhood friend of Anna (at Hoperoad which is how I found your blog - when you did a guest post). I am a vet student right now, and I always enjoy your dental hygienist posts! You have inspired me to floss.
Anyway, just thought I'd say I'm a Tebow fan and go broncos!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad Wyatt was happy all week! The lead pastor at our old church in Highland Village has several podcasts available on iTunes. His name is Matt Chandler. He is AMAZING!!! Let me know if you listen to any of his podcasts! Hope you are having a great weekend!

cait said...

how amazing is it when your baby is happy?! like Wyatt...Adeline is generally a happy baby, but when she has those extra-happy times, my heart leaps even more for joy. Mommyhood is amazing!

Okay, and Miss Callie...your goals are definitely "Fitness Friday" worthy!! we are all so different and need such different things! Please feel free to link-up with your goals! I think there are plenty of gals in the same boat as you! It's all about what you personally need for your own health and wellness. :)

Lisa said...

Wow, sounds like the knee surgery was rough! It's very hard to keep going sometimes, and life has plenty of ups and downs, but the Lord strengthens us to go on.

This month at my blog, we're especially working on Stewarding Our Bodies. You may want to come check it out!

You're doing the right thing by setting goals realistically. It won't be peaches-n-cream, but you can do it, by God's grace! Keep it up!


Kara @ Just1Step said...

Hey girl,
One thing I did when I was underweight and could barely eat (super sick from some medication I was taking several years ago) was to drink Carnation Instant Breakfasts. They helped get nutrients and calories into my body. And they really don't taste bad. Just a modified version of chocolate milk. Maybe you've already had that recommended, but if not, wanted to mention it, because it could help with gaining a couple pounds. :)

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