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This week I’m featuring E from E, Myself, and I!  I found E’s blog because people often find my blog through the posts I did on our gender reveal party, and E’s gender reveal party for her sweet little guy showed up on the same results page!  I’m so glad I found her blog, because her personality and style of writing makes me smile.  Without further ado . . .


 Tell us a little about yourself.

(Late) 20-something new mom.  Married to my high school sweetheart.  English teacher turned testing coordinator at my old high school.  Jesus follower.  Gold-retriever lover.  Diet Coke addict. Tall-tale teller.


What's your baby's name and how old is he?

Sam.  Born on 7.13.11 - Sam will be SIX months on January 13th.

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

I started back to work a couple of months ago; but can't seem to hit my groove.  So, there really is no such thing as "typical" for us.

On a good day, I'm up at 5:30 to feed Sam.  He cuddles with Dad and goes back to sleep around 6, while I start a pot of coffee, pack bottles, and get ready for my day.  I am usually out of the house by 8AM to drop Sam off at the babysitter's and head to work.  Work is a crazy blur of busyness, then I pick Sam up between 4 and 5PM.  After work, I often run errands or go by the grocery store.  When we get home, I feed Sam again, unpack all of our bags from the day, and play a bit. Jeff comes home around 6 and plays with Sam in the kitchen while I fix something to eat.  We eat together while Sam sits in the Bumbo seat or plays on his play mat.  Then we veg-out (or do chores around the house) until about 8:30 when we start Sam's bedtime routine. Sam is asleep by 9:30, I get everything organized for the next morning, and Jeff and I go to bed before 11.  Replay the next day.

On a bad day, I just run around like a chicken with my head cut-off taking the occasional break to feed or cuddle my baby.   ;)

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

Playful, Persnickety, and Precious


What's your favorite part about being a mom?

Watching my boy smile dreamily as he is falling asleep after a bath, bottle, and bedtime stories.  It is the best part of EVERY day.  And, most recently, getting Sam laughing really hard.  Some times he gets so happy and excited that he actually throws back his head back and snorts.  It is a-mazing.

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

Breastfeed!  My pregnancy weight came off pretty easily with VERY little effort on my part. The other 20 pounds I needed to lost before that, however, are another story. ;)

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

I admit that we have not been as diligent about date nights etc. as we said we would be.  However, we always go to bed together.  Even if it is just for five minutes before we doze-off, it's nice always having that quiet time together to connect, talk about our days, etc. 

Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

Soothie pacifiers.  We would never have survived the first three months without them. The Wubbanub is a highly recommended bonus.  I also LOVED the Itzbeen timer when Sam was a little younger, and the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets were PERFECT for a summer baby.

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

Our first Christmas was pretty special.  It's fun to see our families and so many other people love Sam so much. The holidays really do have a different feel once you have kids.  Actually, everything is different once you have a baby - but in the most wonderful way.

Any advice for first-time mothers?

Go easy on yourself... This is a learning process.  The first few months ARE hard, but it gets easier and more fun every day.


Thanks, E!  Check out E, Myself, and I to read more!

Also, E wanted me to let you know that the photos were done by Merry Studios, in case any of you are interested and are in the area!

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Dove of Snow said...

I like this post! Very entertaining and sweet and the pic of E's baby is just too cute! Adorable little guy!

I have missed reading your blog (amongst all the others I'd usually read) but I'm trying to get back into reading blogs again! And I just posted, and you were tagged in my post! So check it out!

Have a sweet day! :)

E said...

Thanks Callie! I love this feature!

Natalie said...

That is too funny-I found her blog the exact same way-google searching for gender reveal party ideas :)
So glad this feature is back-love hearing about how other moms and babies do it :)

Ashley said...

I'm a loyal E follower and so glad she did this guest post- I've found a new favorite blog! :)

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