On Being A Christian Mom

This week Nicole from Table For Four is featuring different mom bloggers (including me) in a "Mom's Words Of Wisdom" series. She asked me to post on being a Christian mom, and I was so honored that she thought of me for this topic! Here is a little excerpt from my post:

"As a new parent, you are a prime target for all kinds of advice. Advice about infant care, advice about parenting, advice what kind of products to use. People like to tell you what worked for them, and personally, I like hearing what worked for other people, so the advice usually doesn't bother me. I've gleaned alot of useful tidbits from other's advice.

When I'm seeking advice on a certain subject though, I always go to my mom first, and the best bit of advice I've received on being a mom, particularly on being a Christian mom, came from her. . .

Head on over to Nicole's blog to read the rest, and leave her (or me) a comment while you are there!

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Jenna said...

Great post today! At my mommies group this morning we just did a lesson and activity on praying over our kids. We gathered verses on certain topics and put them together as a prayer to pray over our kids as they grow. I think that what you said about saturating your kids with God's word was so great. Thanks!!

Sarah said...

Callie - I have given you a blog award and the details are on my blog msdeyle.blogspot.com. Feel free to ignore it, but I think it's kind of fun. I've also never done this before so I am curious as to how it all works.

Venessa said...

Loved this one! It is so true that we need to be saturated too. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!!!!

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