Matron Of Honor Update

We had a wonderful time for our girl’s night last weekend!  It was our last hoorah before my sister gets married, and it was a great time.  My sister treated us to massages, and it was so nice.  She was so sweet to surprise us with a little pampering! 

I desperately needed a massage.  When the massage therapist was asking me about my pain, I mentioned that I was a dental hygienist and she interrupted me and said, “Ah, say no more.”  Back problems are notorious for hygienists, because as my massage therapist said, there is just no good position for doing our job.

I did learn from the massage therapist that my right shoulder is rolled forward because of my work, and I need to stretch it.  Now I’m self-conscious about it and worried that it will become permanently hunched.  I’ve been focusing on rolling it back.

After our massages, we ate at Panera, swam in the hotel pool, and watched a movie together.  It was fun! 

On Sunday we had my sister’s bridal shower, and it turned out really well!  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, but it was nice.  And remember how I was trying to come up with a unique gift?  I made her these Mr. and Mrs. pillows (I got the idea from Andrea originally):


I just used pillow forms and this tutorial for making the pillow covers.  I used natural linen fabric, because it reminded me of burlap, and my sis is going for a western feel in her living room.  Then I printed up the letters and made my own stencils for the “Mr.” and “Mrs.”  I just painted the “Est. 2012” without a stencil - it turned out to be a little off-center, but I still like it.

I also got a frame and used pictures of letters from this website to spell out her soon-to-be last name.  It turned out really well, and her fiance really liked it!  It turned out kind of like this:


Except her last name won’t be White.  I got the idea for using photo letters for her last name and the above image from a website called Full Of Great Ideas.

Overall, both gifts were a big hit, and it made me feel like I did something special for her, instead of just buying her things from her registry (though I did that too, but there’s nothing like a personal touch).

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katie said...

Those pillows are adorable. I might have to do something like that for my next friend that marries. Massages sound a-mazing right now!

She Said... said...

Callie, the pillows look great! And I love how you made a name picture too! James and I want to create one as well! Thanks for the tip and the reference sites!

I am glad you guys had so much fun! That's what weddings are supposed to be about!

Katie said...

love those pillows! my brother is getting married in may and I was planning on making some mr. and mrs. pillows for them too!

Happiness Is... said...

I'd so love a massage right now! And I agree - personal gifts are the best.

Melanie said...

Love that pillow idea..I would have never thought of something like that but its SO cute! And those massages sound amazing!! What a treat!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

The pillows are very cute!

Jessica said...

Such great gift ideas! I'm in a wedding in August, and I might have to remember some of those

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