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Here are a few more pictures of the festivities at Wyatt’s First Birthday Round-Up!

{The Birthday Boy}




{Opening Presents}


Wyatt was blessed with clothes (he needed new clothes again – the kid grows overnight), toys, stuffed animals, and a play tent!

I have to highlight a couple gifts that were especially thoughtful . . .

My dear blog friend, Rebecca, sent him the sweetest birthday card.  I am definitely keeping it to show to Wyatt when he’s older.


And my dear real-life friend, Ashley, made him these beautiful bibs and personalized fabric blocks! I was so impressed by her hidden talents (she never told me she could sew!).











He wasn’t too sure about it at first, but once he realized how sweet it was he was shoveling it in!




Wyatt with (1.) my mom, (2.) my sister and her fiance, (3.) my dad, (4.) my brother and sister-in-law, (5.) Derek’s mom, (6.) Derek’s dad.  We had a some friends over the next day for a second little celebration, but I didn’t get any good pictures I’m afraid.

{Birthday Minute}


We took a family picture on Wyatt’s exact birthday minute, 1:28 PM.

{Me and My Boy}


Wyatt was worn out after all that celebrating and took a nap while we enjoyed our cupcakes.

We had a wonderful weekend with our family and friends, celebrating the fact that our little guy has been with us for one whole year!  Thank you to everyone who came and sent presents – you made our parties special!

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Lauren said...

Looks like you had a fantastic party for Wyatt! So hard to believe that he is 1 already. What a cutie. He looked like he loved his cake!

Jessica and Stephan said...

Those bibs and fabric blocks are so adorable, and very thoughtful! Happy One year Wyatt!

Kelley said...

what a fun looking party! I have to say that wyatt has the most awesome hair!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Aw how wonderful, Callie. I sure hope we get to get Krew and Wyatt together sometime. Just looking at these pictures, I'm like wow he seems so similar to Krew! The hair, the left thumb, his apparent tentativeness...I love it. :)

Unknown said...

Looks wonderful! You did a great job! I'm planning Abigail's first birthday and there are SO many cute things to do!

katie said...

You have such great pictures to document the occasion! It looks like it was a very wonderful party! Full of laughter I'm sure.

Veronica and Daniel said...

Aww, what a sweet little cowboy! My favorite is his face covered with cake and frosting...oh, to be 1 year old with a cake! :)

Amanda said...

ahhhhh his bandana and hair are the cutest things ever! i love it! happy bday wyatt!!!

jennifer blair said...

What a fun time! :) hehe. I love the ones Wyatt and the cake! :) You have such a precious family!

chloë. said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt! I cannot believe it's been a year already. Amazing. So happy for you and your sweet family. :)

Melanie said...

Love it! I was waiting for the pictures of him eating cake..those are always priceless!!

Unknown said...

The pictures are wonderful!!!!

Rachel and John said...

Love all the details Callie! I'm going to keep this theme in my mind for Henry's future birthdays!

Melissa said...

You look so beautiful in that last photo, Callie! Wyatt is a cutie patootie. Glad y'all had a great birthday party! I love those blocks he got! So cute!

Happiness Is... said...

So very cute!

Ashley said...

Aw, looks like Wyatt had a great time at the family party! I love all the pictures - that's a great idea to take a picture on his "birthday minute" too! (I'll have to remember that for my future babies ;) And - I didn't know about my hidden "talent" either! ha!

Lauren said...

what a fabulous 1st birthday party! and I LOVE those fabric blocks...I think Elyse might need a set of those from her GIGI!

Tatiana said...

He is such a big sweet kiddo! I can't believe he's already 1yr old! What a big blessing he is to you guys. I'm so happy you had a great time celebrating his big day!

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