Root Beer and Crop Tops (Q and A)

These are the questions from Julie. I thought this set of questions was really fun!

1. If you could be anything (professionally) what would you choose?

I would like to be a microbiologist. I'm not sure where I would like to work, but I loved my micro class, especially the labs, and I would love to do that for a living. Not a good profession for having a family, however, because it's not really something you can do part time.

I also think it would be cool to write for a travel magazine and get paid to take trips and write about it - maybe after my kids are grown!

I'm fully aware that the last one is a pipe dream and everyone would like that job, so you don't have to tell me that.

2. What is your current favorite song?

Hard question! It changes weekly, but I think this week my mood is:

"Singing Me Home" by Lady Antebellum
"Keeping Me Guessing" by Francesca Batistelli
"Satisfied" by Jewel
"Give Me Jesus" by Todd Agnew
"Hundred More Years" by Francesca Batistelli

. . . which if you know all those songs, it might seem kind of weird for me to describe that particular combination as my mood. They don't really match, because the first two are more upbeat, and the rest are more melancholy and thoughtful. But that really is my mood this week.

3. What is your go-to dinner- one that you can make without a recipe?

Hmm - probably chili (canned chili beans, tomatoes, beef, and chili seasoning, throw it all in a pot and heat it up), or spaghetti (I cheat and use the canned sauce), or my made-up honey-mustard chicken recipe (cook the chicken, mix together some honey and mustard and spices, smother the chicken with it and add some steamed vegetables on the side). All quick and easy with very little ingredients.

4. When you go out to eat, what is your drink of choice?

Right now, root beer. I drank it alot when I was pregnant because it doesn't have any caffeine, and since then it just stuck. If not root beer, then water with lemon.

Yes, I realize that is a cupcake, but it's a root beer float cupcake. And it will be making another appearance on the blog soon - a little clue for you.

5. What is one fashion trend that you don’t ever care to see again?

This was a hard question for me, because I've come to learn that if I really want to participate in a trend, I can pull it off. I used to think if tapered-leg jeans ever came back it would be ridiculous, but now everyone wears skinny jeans, and I do too. I thought the crop-top trend would be a little "out there", but I participated in that one last summer (with a tank underneath, of course - no mid-drifts please!).

I think the one trend that I hope never comes back and that I would never participate in would be the wear-a-colorful-bra-looking-thing-with-a-padded-shoulder-jacket trend from the '80s. Yuck! I did see it on a manaquin last summer, but thankfully I didn't see anyone actually wearing it. Just stay away from that one, People!

6. Have you ever traveled overseas? If so, where did you go?

No. (I'm really tempted to put a little frowny face after that answer, but I have a strict no-emoticons rule on this blog.) Unless you count the Caribbean or Dominican Republic, but when I think overseas, I think Europe or Asia or the Middle East.

7. Do you collect anything?

I don't. Wow, these last two answers are making me sound really boring! I've considered collecting several things - teacups or glass eggs (I have a couple of pretty ones) to name a couple, but I don't actually collect anything.

Wait, I take that back! Derek and I do collect ornaments from all the different places we visit on vacation. That counts, right?

8. What is your favorite date to go on with your significant other? Do you have a special place?

Well, our first date was at a fancy Italian restaurant in town, so it has a special place in our hearts (even though we haven't been back their since). But other than that, we just do whatever we feel like doing - no real significant special dates.

We do have a tradition where we go stay overnight somewhere special for Valentine's Day weekend. Last year that trip got cancelled though, because we ended up having Wyatt that weekend instead! We pushed it off to our anniversary weekend for 2011. And this year it will probably have to be a different weekend than Valentine's (Wyatt's birthday - I think we may have to permanently pick another weekend), but we are planning on going! It's important to us to get away as a couple every now and then.

A picture from our first Valentine's Day trip in 2009. We did one of those Old West pictures.

9. Name your favorite movie of all time.

Oh, I have a really hard time with these "favorite" questions! I have different favorites for different moods. If I had to pick two (I really just can't pick one), it would be Pride and Prejudice, and October Sky. I love the music in Pride and Prejudice and the story is just classic, and October Sky leaves me with a happy feeling.

Image from IMDB.

10. I’m Buddy the Elf. What’s your favorite color?

I always say green or blue, but it's probably some mix of the two. Like teal or turquoise. Those kind of colors just make me happy. Now, if we are talking color combinations, I could go on all day and include every color in the rainbow, but for single colors, I'll stick with blue and green.

Turquoise palette from Design Seeds.

11. Who would you pay a LOT of money to go see in concert?

Probably Taylor Swift. I'm a fan, and from what I've seen her concerts are pretty cool!

I should clarify that to me, $100 a ticket is a "LOT" of money, and I really couldn't bring myself to pay more than that. And only if I've been saving up for months. What do concert tickets go for these days anyway? I hardly ever go, because I'm not usually a big enough fan to justify the price. But for Taylor Swift I might.

More questions and answers coming up soon!

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Natalie said...

haha, ok so I am so curious about your no emoticons rule?! Why did you decide that??

Melanie said...

Love this post..I might steal your idea and do one myself!! LOVED the pic of you and Derik...Damon has ALWAYS wanted us to get our pics taken like that!!

LeAnna said...

Ahhh, root beer! Hubby and I just had a conversation about it last night. It's one of those drinks that we love when we get it, but we forget about it. We're usually dublin dr. pepper people, but since he's gone no-caffeine, rootbeer and ginger ale have made a comeback for us. Made a rootbeer cake lastnight, actually. Can't wait to see the cupcakes!

Amanda said...

I enjoyed drinking root beer when I was pregnant, too! If only I had some right now...

Lyndsey said...

Those are two of my favorite movies as well! Will introduced me to October Sky when we first got married I think. I love feel good movies like that!

Julie S. said...

I love me some root beer, for sure!

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