Snow Day and Questions

Well, this is an unusual situation I'm in.

Normally I would not be blogging on a Friday morning. Normally I would be on my way to work, and Derek and Wyatt would be headed in the opposite direction so Derek could drop Wyatt off at my mom's and go to work himself.

But this morning we have blizzard-like conditions, and my boss just called me to say she's just going to reschedule everyone. Unfortunately Derek doesn't get the day off, and he and Wyatt have already left, so I'm here alone, early in the morning, blogging.

I'm kind of hoping the roads are alright later, because my sister and mom and I had a spa day and girl's night planned this afternoon and evening. We are going to meet up and get massages and stay the night at a hotel. Hopefully we can still do that.

I'm thinking I might just head over to my mom's today since I'm not going to work, because then I can see my baby before we head out later! But I thought I'd compose a blog post first.


One item of business - Top Baby Blogs reset their stats, and I'd really like to stay on the board.

I kind of hate the whole voting-to-be-on-the-site thing, because I hate asking for votes every few months. But I'm torn because I have met several blog friends through the website (shout out to Michelle and Lauren, and all of you who found my blog through the Top Baby Blogs directory!).

So I want to be listed if only to keep meeting new bloggers, and I need at least two votes to show up on the website - so would you mind terribly clicking through and voting for me? Gracias!

Vote For Us @


Okay, enough rambling, and on to the fun stuff (brownie points for you if you actually read my ramblings above - boring, but hey, it's early and it's the best I could do)!

I'm going to answer a few of the questions I received in the "about me" tag. And this set is by far the hardest set of questions, so read on.

Katie asked:

1. If you could only own cats or only own dogs for your entire life, which would you choose?

Oh, most definitely dogs. I'm a dog person. Dogs love you no matter what, whereas cats could take or leave you. I'll take unconditional love, thank you.

2. What was the last dream (sleep dream) you had that you can remember?

I dreamed that we had some new neighbors that I thought were going to be our friends, but when I went over to visit the girl she cheerfully informed me that she had submuitted a "retraction" (where did I get that word?) on our property. Meaning that she and her husband were applying to legally steal a couple acres of our land (we had 13 acres in my dream) and build another house on it so they could sell it and make alot of money.

I woke up and sleepily asked Derek if that was even possible, and he said no, unless it was the government and they decided it was "best for the people". Which I think is so wrong.

3. If you had no fear of failure, what would you do?

Oh, this is a really hard question. Hmm. I think I would like to organize some sort of fundraising campaign for a pro-life organization (like those drives to raise money for ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers), because the life issue is something that weighs heavily on my heart, or I might run for some political office. Something to help change society (or at least some corner of it) for the better.

Actually, the only thing that is stopping me from volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center or helping with political campaigns now is the ever-present "finding time" problem, especially now that I'm a mom. But I've always wanted to get more involved in those areas.

4. If you could save only one photograph, what would it be?

Well, you know I can't pick just one!

If we're talking of Derek and me, it would be one of these two:

Of Wyatt:

Of all three of us:

Ask me this again in a couple weeks though and I might have some more favorites!

5. Deserted Island: What three books would you take?

Only three? Let's see - well, obviously I'd take the Bible. I know I'd want a Bible with me (especially since I'd probably be depressed being on a deserted island all alone, and I'd need some encouragement). And then maybe the Lord of the Rings complete set volume that I have (three books in one - it would last me a while), and then I'd probably get a Chronicles of Narnia all-in-one volume (since I'd somehow know I would be stranded - that's probably cheating, isn't it?).

I think the fiction, imaginary-world books would be the way to go, because it would keep my mind off of all the stuff I would be missing in civilization. Plus those are two of my favorite series anyway. Then after reading Narnia, I'd probably search my island to make sure there wasn't a secret passageway into Narnia - like the sailors who were stranded on an island in our world and found their way into Narnia, (and didn't they become the Telmarines? Or was it a different people group? I can't remember).

As I think more about it though, a non-fiction C.S. Lewis book might make the list as well, because it would give me something meaningful to think about - maybe I could sneak one more in my suitcase without anyone noticing.

6. What skill do you wish you had and why?

I wish I could drive a stick shift. I know I could learn, but I just feel so dangerous trying to learn the stick shift - I mean what if I need to stop suddenly? Can I just push the brake, or do I have to push the clutch and the brake, or do I have to down-shift super-fast? I can never remember. I feel like I should know how to drive a manual though.

7. What is your favorite meal to cook?

Hmm, probably honey-mustard chicken breasts with vegetables. Because it's easy to make, and it's really good.

8. How long does it take for you to get ready to go out of the house?

Well, if it's just me on a work day, probably forty-five minutes. That's with eating breakfast too. If it's Wyatt and me, probably an hour and a half, because then I have time to feed him before we go.

9. What is your favorite childhood memory?

It's so hard for me to pick a favorite memory. I have a lot of good childhood memories. I have memories of shopping with my dad for my mom at Christmas, the days out with mom one-on-one, horse-back riding together in the summer, going to rodeos as a family, playing games and watching movies together on Christmas Day. Playing "store" and "forts", "rock slide", hide-and-seek in the dark, and "Cowboys and Indians" with my brother and sister, and sometimes our friends too. I have many more good memories than bad of my childhood, and I know I am so blessed to be able to say that.

10. Deserted Island: What three movies do you take? (and yes, this strange island has a DVD player, don't ask!)

Let's see - I'd probably take Anne of Green Gables, Monsters Inc., and a light-hearted romantic comedy (can't seem to decide which one). I'd want something to make me laugh and feel happy if I was all alone on a deserted island.

11. How long on average does it take you to read a book?

I'm embarrassed to even admit how long it takes me to read a book these days. It depends alot on the book, how into it I am, and how much time I have to read. On average, probably two or three months. If I have alot of time and am really involved in a book, it could take a couple days - if it's one of those books that you can only take in small chunks, it could take several months. It took me around a year to get through "Knowing God" by J. I. Packer and "Revelation Unveiled" by Tim Lahaye, only because those are books that you need to think about every few pages.

Good questions, Katie! Those made me think. Alright, stay tuned for the next set of questions next week!

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LeAnna said...

That was a really good set of questions! I'm totally with ya on the stick shift thing. I've tried, but Hubby always has these huge trucks that make learning difficult. *sigh*

Happiness Is... said...

I'd kill for a snow day! It's rainy and dreary here, but snow sounds more fun. Hope it doesn't ruin your plans though!

Ashlee J said...

Oh goodness! A spa day sounds wonderful! I hope you still get to go! Enjoy your day off work!

Kate Craig said...

I'm loving that you mentioned how to stop with a stick shift. Josh tried to teach me... it ended with us approaching a stop sign and me screaming "I don't know how to stop!!!" and him yelling "hit the brake!!!" Not my best moment :)

Bech and Marley Evans said...

Good choice on the Lewis books!

Unknown said...

i concur about the stick-shift thing. i mean, what if there was some type of CRAZY situation that reuired you to drive one or, like, your cat would die? (don't ask, i couldn't think of something good)

whenever people ask me if i can drive one i usually say, "if it's an emergency i can".

Anonymous said...

ah, Callie, your childhood memory answer took me back to some of the happiest memories of MY childhood! Remember E.J. poison?! And having your dad sneak out of the house and scare us when we were sleeping on your trampoline?! Good times! -Hazel

Mrs. Mama said...

what a great post to read for the first time to learn about you!

you have a beautiful family

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