My Sister Is Married!


My sister got married last Saturday!  Everything went off without much of a hitch (except for me accidentally being an hour late – but it worked out okay).  My sister looked like a vision, and it was a beautiful ceremony and reception. 

I might have almost cried once or twice.

Here are a few pictures!

My gorgeous sister.






The three of us!




My sister with my mom and dad.




My and the beautiful bride!




I had to do one self-portrait.




Me and my guys.




  Both of my guys looked pretty dashing.  And is Wyatt’s little suit not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?




The cake and presents.


wedding collage




My friend, Hazel, took the next two pictures – sorry the last one is so small!


Me giving my toast – I’ve never given a toast before, but I think it went well.  I said what a beautiful couple they are, that I’m praying for the Lord to bless their life together, and that I wish them many years of happiness, many blessings, and many babies!


And Hazel finally got to meet Wyatt!  Here we are together.



The couple’s first dance!




Father-daughter dance (I almost cried again here).




And finally Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ben with my little man!




It was a gorgeous wedding!  Now the bride and groom are in Florida, soaking up the sun and going to Disney World!

I may be slightly jealous. In the best way. But I can't wait until they get back!

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Ashley said...

Aw, what a beautiful bride!! I Love her dress!!! You, Derek, and Wyatt look great too! I'm glad everything went well, I'm so happy for them! :):)

Veronica and Daniel said...

So beautiful! My best friend is getting married on the 25th and they are going to Disney on their honeymoon too!

Rachel said...

Your sister looked beautiful! I thought about you on Saturday and wondered how it was going. Glad it all went to plan! :)

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

it looked like a beautiful wedding. You and your sister both look gorgeous =)

Happiness Is... said...

Your sister and mom look SO much alike! Congrats to the new couple. You look gorgeous in the pics, too!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures!! The wedding was beautiful and I'm so glad I got to go!

Krystle said...

Beautiful! Great family shot, love her dress style! And that CAKE!!

Melanie said...

What a beautiful wedding..loved the pictures!! Her dress was so unique it!!! You might of been a little late..but at least you didnt knock over a table and eat a!!

Anne said...

You all look great! Weddings are so much fun!

katie said...

Beautiful wedding! Your sister looks amazing! And you do too! Love her dress and Wyatt's suit!

Kate Craig said...

I love her dress! There aren't a lot of modest halter dresses and I haven't seen one quite like that before

Elisabeth Allen said...

You must be so proud of your sister - she's a beautiful bride, so happy!

And, yes, Wyatt's suit IS adorable!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful bride! Congratulations to them!

Melissa said...

She is beautiful! I love her hair & her dress! Great pictures! :)

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