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I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of praying every day.  By praying I don’t mean the short “arrow” prayers that are said throughout the day – those are such a habit to me, I’m not sure I could stop that if I tried.  I mean the sit-down-with-a-list-and-focus type of prayer time that I feel I’ve been lacking.

If you could peek into my prayer journal, you would see that one of the items on my list is praying about trying to conceive Baby #2.  It’s on my mind a lot lately because I have so many concerns about how this is going to go the second time around.  I am so thankful for my Wyatt-Boy, and even though I’m enjoying every minute with him . . . I would like to give him a sibling sometime.  And it’s hard not to wonder and worry about what the future holds.

As I was praying and wondering about when we’ll have our next baby, the Lord brought a thought to my mind. 

I can’t know how, when, how many, boy or girl. . .  But He already knows.

He knows what my completed story will be.

He knows all the dates when I find out my little ones are on their way.

He knows when each of my babies’ birthdays are.

He knows how many children I’ll have.

He knows how many boys and how many girls.

He already knows their names.

Just even typing that last one makes me want to cry – because I don’t even know what their names will be yet.  But the names of the children I haven’t yet met are already written in His book.

I can already hear some of you thinking “She’s just now realizing that? Of course He knows!  He’s God.”  And I agree.  Obviously I already knew that God knows everything in my future.

But somehow sitting there, praying about my babies, mental pictures of sweet children playing, all my children, running through my mind – the thought that He knows has never felt so comforting to me. 

Because it struck me that since He has a plan, since He knows . . . it’s already as good as done.  And when I think of it that way, it becomes less about the worries and the wait, and more about the thrill of anticipation.  The thrill of knowing that as His plan continues to unfold, I will come to know what He already knows.

I find that so exciting.

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HIS daughter said...

This literally brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful reminder! What an awesome God we serve!

Praying for you :)

Nicole said...

Oh, Callie, that last one made me cry too.
So beautiful and such a wonderful reminder of how completely in control He is. Good thing too because all of us are a hot mess!
Something I always find comfort in is that "All things work for the good of those who love Him"... and I know you DO Love Him. All these worries, hardships and even heartbreaks will turn around and somehow become a "good". Take comfort in that.

LeAnna said...

Amen, sweet sister. Just...amen.

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Aw Callie this is so sweet. The "He knows their names" part brought tears to my eyes too - especially since I've had some hurt feelings lately over what Dave and I want to name our son. It was like a double wham haha.

I'll keep you in my prayers, girl.

Amanda said...

You gave me goosebumps and brought me to tears! Such a beautiful post. I needed that as I'm already thinking along those same lines for baby number 2, although we're still a ways away from trying.

CourtneyKeb said...

This post fills my heart with excitement. What a true thought that I probably already knew but never really meditated on. "He already knows their names."!


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you for this, because I've been struggling with the same feelings. I am overwhelmed by how good He is, how His plan is "as good as done" so much comfort and relief!

Bridget said...

Love your heart Callie! Great post!

Melissa said...

This is beautifully written, Callie. Touching. And it is so true. Thanks for the reminder. Love it.

Love ya! Praying w/ you. :)

Andee Flynn said...

So beautiful and so true. I love that. And I so get it like we know these things, but then. We really meditatie on them and then we *know* these things. Like He already knows how many children, how many boys & how many girls. and yes, He already knows their names!
Love your heart, girl!
PS love the new log design. Love.

Melanie said...

Wonderful post Callie! Its so hard sometimes to think of how much our Lord and Saviour already knows..like you said right down to the names of our children who aren't yet even born (or conceived)! Its exciting!!!

psychelyn said...

Wonderful post, it is so timing for this Lent. I would like to find way talking to God, and I think a prayer journal is a great idea :)

Ashley said...

This has been so encouraging! Thanks for sharing, Callie!

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