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A couple weeks ago Derek and I were driving in the car, and for some reason I started thinking about mission work. I can’t even remember what made me start thinking about it. Something on the radio, or something I read perhaps? It was pretty out of the blue.

Being a full-time missionary to a foreign country is not something everyone can do. It’s just not. It’s one of those things that you have to clearly receive the call from the Lord to do, and not everyone is called to it.

But really, I think the majority of Christians use that as an excuse not to get involved at all. Sure, not everyone is called to be a missionary, but what about praying for missionaries? What about sending them financial contributions? What about even getting involved with short-term missions?

Jesus commands us with the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) to make disciples of all nations, and we don’t get a pass just because we aren’t physically called to go.

As I was thinking about it, I started feeling that even though Derek and I may not be called to be foreign missionaries, I can see how the Lord could be setting us up perfectly to be able to support missionaries financially. Missionary support is pretty critical to foreign missions, and they need “ordinary” people who are financially able to support them.

I made a comment to Derek to that effect, and we both agreed that when we could afford it we’d like to put more of our money toward supporting foreign missionaries. And on top of that maybe we could even take a short-term missions trip together in the future. Maybe when this guy had grown we can go as a family.


(Yes, I just kind of used that as an excuse to throw in a picture of Wyatt – this post needed some cuteness to break things up . . . back to the point.)

That was the extent of our conversation. I didn’t think much more about it, because in my head all that involvement would be down the road. When we can afford it. Because honestly, there isn’t a whole lot of extra money around these parts in this season of our life.

Then the Lord kind of dropped something in my lap. It’s as if He was saying to me that He didn’t want me to wait until things were perfect, He wanted me to use what I have to help missionaries right now.

And the main resource that I have?

That would be this blog. It’s not the biggest blog out there, but the Lord can use even this.

I have a guest post coming up from a young missionary family who are trying to get their story out and raise support. I came into contact with them through a blog friend who sent me an e-mail about them about a week after that conversation with Derek in our car. The timing was uncanny, and before I knew it I decided to have this young missionary mom write a guest post for me. Their story is powerful, and I know you’ll enjoy it, so keep an eye out for that in the next few days!

I guess the main reason I’m writing this post is to get you to thinking about what resources you have that you could use to further God’s Kingdom? To make disciples of all nations? Because we are all called to do that.

For some it will look like jungles halfway around the world, taking care of orphans, and ministering physically and spiritually to those who have so little.

For others it will be devoting that extra ten minutes in prayer before waking up the baby, or forgoing that new spring top because that money is meant to go to those who are doing the hard work of going to the nations.

For all of us it means being ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15), and not just being ready but looking for those opportunities to talk about Jesus.

And it should look like sacrifice.

Am I good at it? No. I blow five bucks at Starbucks too often, I don’t pray nearly enough in general, much less for missionaries, and I find myself scared to bring up the topic of my faith to those who might disagree with me. I know how it goes. I’m still working on it. This challenge isn’t only for you, it’s for me too.

Just think it over? And then find something you can do to help in spreading the good news of Jesus!

Life can be full of a lot of things, but it’s all meaningless in the end if we don’t devote what we can to the only thing that really matters.

Stay tuned for the missionary story coming up later this week!

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I would love to feature more Christian missionary stories on here. So if you are a missionary, and are interested in doing a guest post for me, send me an e-mail at throughcloudedglass@gmail.com. Or if you happen to know a missionary who might be interested in getting some exposure (humble as it may be) in the blog world, send them my way!

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Sarah said...

Can't wait! This could be a great thing for MANY! Including myself.

HIS daughter said...

What a neat idea Callie and definitely something that is so important! I am excited to read her guest post and the posts coming up :)

Lydia said...

Can't wait to read their story! Thanks for posting this. It is definitely something I needed to hear. "It should look like sacrifice"- It is hard to accept sometimes but our minimal sacrifice in return for someone coming to know God really is not sacrificing at all. Thanks!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Very cool, Callie! Dave and I have been having tithing discussions lately. It's been interesting. :)

Natalie said...

This is really something I needed today!
I am definitely not called to do foreign missions, but there is so much right here we can do even! Our association of churches puts on something every summer called Mission to the City where they do mission work right in the city for those in need (I think it started in Minneapolis inner city). Anyway, definitely some food for thought. The Great Commission is something I think about regularly, but I should focus more on how I can live it out.

Mandie said...

Great post. I have a friend getting ready to go to Russia. Thanks for making me think and rethink about the need to financially support missions.

LeAnna said...

This is something I have been convicted about recently as well. To pray. So often we forget that there are people living amongst those who do not know Christ, and they covet our prayers. Too often we forget that there is a persecuted Church body, where persecution ends in death not just name calling. Would we really have the faith to stand firm if that kind of responsibility rested on our shoulders? There is more to prayers than thankfulness for blessings. We have a mediator to God the Father, which is SO COOL! We don't have to offer sacrifices to our god to convince him we're worthy of his attention. We speak, and He listens, and so we should be moved to ask and receive from Him. Not just for ourselves, but for others.

Great post!

Jessica Elyse @ Memoirs of a Mommy said...

Hello Holy Spirit moment! I was literally just listening to a sermon on this on my way home from work. Our mission is to spread the Gospel across the world. The world may be direct in our homes, to our families, to our friends. It might be a larger scale to our cities, our state, our country. And some are called oversees to other cultures. Regardless, we are all still commissioned to go out and be missionaries. I love your point about being able to give account for the hope in us. We need to do that often and not shy away from awkward situations. All of this easier said then done, but thank you for bringing this topic up and at such a perfect time. Very convicting.

Bridget said...

Cannot wait to read it :)

Melissa said...

I love missions! I think/wish everyone would go to the mission field just ONCE! It changes your life. I went at 19 to Panama. Amazing experience. My husband spent a few summers doing missions in Mexico. He definitely has a heart for it. We try to give towards it too. Great post!

Melanie said...

Looking forward to this post Callie! Your so right..we all need to support missionaries more..whether its by getting invovled directly or indirectly..like supporting them financially or through prayer. Anything we can contribute I know they appreciate!!

Jenni Lynn said...

love this Callie (I have still been reading your blog lots, just haven't clicked through to comment in a while) It is so true we can support missionaries in so many ways even if we are not called to be missionaries ourselves. I love that you are using this blog, everything helps! Oh and I still can't get over the fact that while you were in public school they were going to take you to a Buddhist temple for a field trip, WHAT THE HECK!!

Andee Flynn said...

Looooove this Callie! I want to join you and do the same on my blog!

Felicia said...

What an awesome thing! Recently a pastor from Uganda that partners with our church came to visit, and since then I feel like talking about the work that our church does with his ministry. It's awesome!

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