Derek’s Bucket List


Ever since before we got married, Derek has wanted to do two things.

He wanted to sky-dive, and you can read about our sky-diving adventure here.

And the other thing he’s wanted to do is to go bull riding.

You must understand, I was staunchly against both of these things – they just seemed so dangerous.  In the summer of 2010 I caved on the sky-diving, and in the process I got sucked into going as well.  And I have to admit it was actually fun. 


(Derek and me, right after we landed.)

Derek stopped talking about sky-diving so much, and his last big thing was to go bull riding (so I was still hearing about that all the time). 

So for his birthday in December, I decided to surprise him, and I gave him a “Certificate of Permission” to go bull riding, along with the money for the school.  I’ve actually been secretly planning on agreeing to his bull riding for years, but decided this was the birthday to surprise him with it.  His expression was priceless.


(Derek, right after he read the “Certificate of Permission”.)

All that to say, my husband is going bull riding this weekend.

And now that it’s finally here, I’m wondering if it was a mistake to grant my approval!  I keep having visions of him getting trampled.  One of the conditions of him going is that he has to wear the protective vest and helmet . . . but still.

Prayers for my bull-riding husband would be appreciated.

If I get any pictures or good stories I’ll tell all next week!

Aaah!  I’m nervous.

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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Wow!! That is an awesome birthday gift! You've given me inspiration for my hubs birthday coming up...I'll have to think of things on his bucket list!

Sarah said...

Ok is this going to be REAL bull riding or bull riding for dummies? (not that he's a dummy... but come on. he's never done it...)

I'd be scared too!

Natalie said...

eeek, scary!!!

Lauren said...

love this! what a great present...but super scary as well!

I told Nick that if he ever wanted to sky-dive he had to do it before we had children...guess he won't be skydiving in this lifetime! ha!

Melanie said...

Oh how fun..and scary!! Will be praying for his safety and your sanity!!! I'm sure he'll be just fine though! :-)

Melissa said...

HAHAHA! I love it & the expression on his face! Can't wait to hear that he is safe & sound! LOL! (Such a good wife!) :)

Unknown said...

I bet he'll have the best time!!!

Anne said...

I love that he is going bull riding - definitely take some pictures for us!

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