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This week I’m featuring Andrea from Dear Baby Boutique!  I love reading Andrea’s blog – she writes about life with her sweet little girl, but she also posts about the sewing projects she works on, and I’m always so impressed with her skills!  You can also check out her shop here.  Read on to learn more about her.


Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi there! I'm Andrea.  I have been married to my amazing husband for {almost} 4 years and last February we received the greatest blessing when our sweet daughter, Gracie, was born.  I work 4 days a week {while Gracie stays with her Grandma's who love and dote on her ALL day long}.  I love spending time with my family, sewing, crafting, shopping, sweet tea and a good cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer.

What's your baby's name and how old is she?

Gracie Ann, she just turned 1.


Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

On days that I work, Gracie wakes up at 5:30, we cuddle and play in bed for a bit, I give her a sippy cup of milk and she drinks it while sitting inside my bathroom sink watching me get ready.  We leave the house by 6:30, she goes to one of her grandma's houses, I go to work.  She plays, I work =)  I call about a million times a day.  I pick her up around 5:30, go home, cook dinner, play, give G a bath, read some books and she's in bed by 7:30.  After that, I get things ready for the next day, blog, check e-mails, sew, do laundry and hang out with the hubby.
On days that I don't work, she wakes up at 5:30, we cuddle and play in bed.  I give her a sippy cup of milk while I make my coffee and unload the dishwasher and make my grocery list.  We play and she eats breakfast at 7 or 7:30, and then takes a nap after that usually for around two hours.  I either work on work stuff, or do house work while she naps.  She wakes up, has a snack and we play some more.  I usually try to run errands during this time as well.  Gracie really likes to be on the go and love to see people!  She eats lunch around noon and goes down for a nap sometime between noon and two and sleeps for another hour or two.  I try to prep dinner and do laundry and maybe sew something or make a craft while she's sleeping {on a good day}.  When she wakes up, she has another snack and we play for several hours.  Sometimes I take her for a wagon ride depending on the weather.  Eric comes home around 5:15 and we repeat the same night time routine as before.



If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

strong-willed, giggly, serious

 photo (1)


What's your favorite part about being a mom?

I love the amount of love and joy she brings to us everyday.  Something as simple as her laying her head on my shoulder changes my whole day.  I love that she teaches us so much, even though we are her parents.  She has taught us about the important things in life.


Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

Well, everyone is different, but I will say that nursing worked for me.  I nursed Gracie for a year and I can definitely tell that I have to watch what I eat now that I've stopped.  It literally melted the pounds off for me.  And let me be honest, I rarely find time to eat much now, and when I do, she normally eats half of whatever is on my plate!  It never fails that when I start to eat something, she gets into something and I have to chase after her.  By the time I get back and warm my plate up {like 10 times} it's not even appetizing anymore.  So I guess that helps too..

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

This is something I really need to work on.  We have only been out a few times the last year because I have a hard time leaving G when I don't have to {She's just so sweet I love to have her with me all the time!}  Does anyone have any advice for me?



Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

We loved the Boppy, her cradle {she slept in our room for about 6 months}, the little lamb cradle swing, the moby wrap and a vibrating bouncer  when she was younger.   And honestly... now she is more interested in cardboard boxes and whatever tiny specs she finds on the floor than any toy I can buy.  I wrote a post about a few other baby items here:

photo (1)


What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

I love going anywhere now as a family.  At first, it was easier for one of us to stay home with her, but she love to go places now and she's so funny! She loves other kids and always tries to get their attention.  We were all out to dinner the other night and she just stared and smiled at a little girl next to us and yell "hey!" at her every once in a while.  Then she would laugh and clap when the girl would wave back.  It's just little things like that that make going out with her so much fun!

photo (2)

Any advice for first-time mothers?

Well here is what I wish somebody would have told me:  Stop worrying so much!!! If they get a few ounces less per day than the books say they're supposed to have, it's going to be okay.  If you pump a few ounces less one day, it's going to be okay! If they don't eat or sleep much some days, or eat a ton and sleep a ton some days, that's all normal!  Stop googling everything and just go with it.  You know your baby better than anyone and you will KNOW if something is wrong.  I would research baby gassiness for hours upon hours while Gracie was sleeping because she had a sensitive little tummy.  And every baby is so different, so while I always enjoyed hearing what worked for others, don't be afraid to let an extra-pushy friend or relative know that you're going "in a different direction" because she's your baby and you can =).  And MOST IMPORTANTLY, pray pray pray!! I have never prayed harder in my life... for my child's health, future, salvation, my patience, for her to know that she is loved, the list goes on and on.  And thank the Lord every day for the little blessing that he has trusted you with.


Thanks Andrea!  Check out Andrea’s blog to read more from her!

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Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

Thank you so much for featuring me Callie =)

Samantha said...

Awesome post, Andrea!!

CourtneyKeb said...

I think she gave wonderful advice!!!

Unknown said...

Andrea, you have a beautiful family, it is hard to look at these kind of posts because I wanna daughter...and I'm not even married ;D.
I like that question "what do you like most about being a mom" (I think that's what it said) and you replied the joy that she brings us everyday. My dad ALWAYS says kids bring SO MUCH joy to your life! He has 6!
Loved this post!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Such adorable pictures!! I love that first one.

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