Treasure Hunting . . .


. . .Thrift store style!

After church yesterday, we headed to the thrift store.  Derek needed another pair of slacks, and we thought we might be able to find a pair for less money there.

When we arrived, Derek asked me if I wanted to stay in the car, but I nonchalantly said I’d come in.

Mostly because my sister is always finding cute clothes at the thrift store, and I thought I’d see if I could find anything worthwhile.

And I did!  I found five or six items and quickly handed Wyatt off to Derek before he could protest (technically, we were only supposed to be shopping for Derek).   Derek (while smiling) proclaimed that he was” mad at me”, because we were supposed to be trying to save money. 

But I knew he didn’t really mind.

I left the thrift store with a couple new articles of clothing.  I found this shirt for $5:


It’s in really good condition and fits well enough to be worn now.  But let me demonstrate the bonus:


It’ll also nicely accommodate a fairly large belly when I get pregnant again!  Ever since being pregnant with Wyatt I find myself looking for shirts that will also work the next time I’m pregnant (surely I’m not the only one who does that?), and this one will fit the bill.  I’ll just pair it with a cardigan if I’m pregnant in the winter for the next kid.

I also got a pair of Banana Republic jeans that are practically brand new, for $8!  Here, I modeled them for some pictures:




See?  Nice, huh?

After we checked out I talked Derek into looking at the movie section with me – and we found a bunch of classics for $0.50-1.99.  There are definite benefits to still having a VHS player that works – people give away all their VHS tapes since we have DVD players now, which means you can get some great movies for cheap!


We got all those for $7.83.

Oh yes, and Derek did find a pair of pants too.

I’d call it a successful trip!  I think I’m even starting to get over my urge to wash my hands post-thrifting.

Don’t you just love thrift stores?


P.S.  Emily, consider this my late submission to the self-portrait link party!

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CourtneyKeb said...

Wow, how gorgeous are you! I think you're a wise woman to look out for pregnancy friendly clothes. See, totally SAVED money by buying that stretchable shirt now instead of a maternity shirt later.

Those jeans look really good on you!

Brittney Galloway said...

Those are some great finds! I love the black and white shirt- it is really pretty!

Lauren said...

great finds! those jeans are fabulous...and a steal for sure!

Amanda said...

you found some great stuff!!!! i love shirts that work for pregnancy! i have hated spending money on maternity clothes!

katie said...

Great finds! I really ought to start looking for clothes at the thrift store!

Jenna said...

I do the same thing with shirts... It only makes sense to buy shirts that double as maternity shirts!

Kristin said...

I have that same exact shirt, only mine has sleeves! I think it was a Kohl's clearance item for me. AND I wore it while I was pregnant too :) I totally do that while shopping now, great minds think alike! :)

Jessica said...

Very cute finds! I am always surprised at the great deals I can find while thrifting. I especially like to find old things and repurpose them for my house

HIS daughter said...

WOW THAT IS AWESOME FINDS! I love thrift stores :)

Amanda said...

Very cute outfits!!! Love those jeans! Nothing wrong with thrift stores. I scored some maternity clothes and books for the baby a couple weeks ago at one.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Love those jeans!

I found a Banana Republic skirt with new tags on it still for $4 at Goodwill, nice score!

Melanie said...

Great finds..LOVE the black tank..definately my style!! I got tickled at how you showed you could wear it while preggo too..cute!

Unknown said...

I love your new clothes!

Anonymous said...

Since moving to a big city, I only shop at thrift stores, and I get compliments all the time!!

Andee Flynn said...

So cute! I love your outfits- you scored on that black top & those banana republic jeans. I'm a huge fan of thrifting too!

LeAnna said...

I love thrift stores! I always try to go when I only have one kid with me, because it's so hard to concentrate and go through everything with little hands grabbing things, and a certain toddler crawling under all of the clothing racks. ;) Cute, cute shirt!

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