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So I decided to do a friendship link-up to go along with my friendship series!  Here are the details.


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- I decided to go ahead and make this a “rolling” linky party – meaning I’ll keep the same link-up open every week.  If you want to participate, you can link-up anytime you feel like writing a post on friendship.  If that’s once?  Great!  If it’s every week?  Go for it!  Just remember to come back here and add the link to each post you write.  Also, please include the button and link back to here so others can check out the link-up if they want.

- Please keep the posts you link-up on topic.  This is a link-up on friendship topics, so just keep it within that range.  I don’t care what aspect of friendship you want to write about – make it whatever you want!  More ideas in a minute.

- Please keep the posts appropriate/generally uplifting.  Please avoid crude language/swearing.  Also, this isn’t just an opportunity to complain about how all your friends stink.  Just try to keep it constructive in some way – at least if all your friendships stink, try to give us some encouraging tidbit, bit of advice, do’s and don’ts, etc, that you’ve learned through the experience.

- I do reserve the right to remove any post that I consider inappropriate.  I seriously doubt any of you will post anything inappropriate, but I have to say it!

- Please link-up using the direct link to your post (not just the link to your main blog page).  This way when someone stumbles across this years from now, they can actually go back and read what you wrote, instead of just being taken to your main page.

-This link-up will last through the end of July, so if you want to link-up, just write something before then!  I’m posting this week’s post on Wednesday, but typically this will be a Tuesday thing.

-This is the schedule I’m following, and the general topics I’ll be writing about.  Feel free to borrow any of my topics and use them for your own – I don’t mind a bit.  In fact, I’d like to hear what you have to say about the topics I picked!

June 13th – Starting a Friendship

June19th – Making Conversation

June 26th – Break week

July 3rd – Basic Maintenance

July 10th – Keeping Friendships Through Life Changes

July 17th – Parties – Just Go

July 24th – Gossip

July 31 – When It’s Time To Let Someone Go


There will be a break week during the last week of June, just fyi.  Keep that in mind.  Also, I reserve the right to tweak this schedule/extend the link-up, but if I do I’ll let you know.

Also, for the sake of this link-up I’ll be mostly talking about friendships with people outside of family, but I may write a separate post on friendships within family, so stay tuned.


- Okay, other ideas . . . I have a lot, so if you want to join in and aren’t sure where to start, feel free to borrow any of these.  Just consider them prompts.


1. What makes a good friend?

2. Tell us about one of your best friends.  What makes them so special?  What do they do/have they done that makes them a good friend?

3. Steps to making friends.

4. Do’s and Don’ts of friendship.

5. Tell us about a friendship of yours that has ended (without being too specific or embarrassing in case that former friend happens to come across your post).  What happened?  Was it unavoidable?  Was it a good or bad thing?  What would have made that friendship end differently?

6. Have you gone through anything particularly hard in your life?  What were some of the things your true friends did that helped you through that time?

7. Have you ever had any conflict in friendships that you’ve been able to successfully resolve?  Give us an idea of what worked and what didn’t.

8. Talk about about blogging friendships.  How are they different from real-life friendships?  How do you be a good blog friend to someone?

9. Talk about social media as it relates to friendships, either blog friendships or real-life friendships.  Do you think it’s useful for your real-life friendships, or does it take the place of more personal communication? 

10. Are there circumstances that you think it’s good for a friendship to end or in which you think a friendship needs to end?  Explain.


Go ahead and use any or all of the above ideas!  A lot of them I actually won’t be covering in my posts, so I’ll be curious to read what you think.

The first post will be this Wednesday, and then Tuesdays after that, so be thinking about what you want to write about and then come back and add your link!  This should be fun.


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Jessica said...

What a great idea for a link up! I'll have to be thinking about some friendship-related posts :-)

Happiness Is... said...

What a cool idea - I may have to participate in some of this!!

Carly Anne said...

Great idea for a link-up. Can't wait to read these!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Can't wait to read about all of your topics :) And everyone what everyone else rights too!

Melanie said...

Looking forward to this!

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