A Little Business . . .


Just a few items of business on a Friday . . .


Poll results are in!  Here they are:

How long have you been blogging (regularly)?

Brand-new! Less than 6 months - 3 (10%)

Semi-newbie. 6 months-1 year - 1 (3%)

For a while! 1-2 years - 5 (17%)

Pretty long. 2-3 years - 7 (24%)

Definitely established. 3-4 years - 3 (10%)

Sheesh, a long time. 4-5 years - 4 (13%)

Old pro! 5+ years - 2 (6%)

I started a while ago but then stopped - 4 (13%)

Total votes: 29

The results are spread so evenly, which I was glad to see!  I’m glad this little ‘ole blog can appeal to you newer bloggers, because the last thing I want is to turn you all away!  And it’s nice to know that it’s not boring enough to lose you bloggers who have been doing this way longer than me! 

And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but for goodness sake, if I don’t follow your blog and you follow me, comment or something and I’ll track your blog down!  Believe me, if I haven’t followed back it’s been unintentional.

New poll regarding Pinterest, so check it out to the left!


Top Baby Blogs reset their stats again.  I can hear the groans now.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (maybe that should have been the title of this post) – I mostly do it just to stay on the page so I can meet new bloggers through the website.  And I have met a lot of you through TBB, so I know it’s worth it!  I think it only takes, like, two votes to keep me on the site, so would you mind clicking through for me?  And you might as well look around while you’re there.  There are a lot of fun blogs to check out!

Vote For Us @ topbabyblogs.com!

Of course, don’t limit yourself to the first page.  Because you know my blog is fabulous, and I’m usually on about page 10. 

Gracias, Friends!


Were you all aware that I made a Facebook page for my blog?  Because I did.  So if you want to, you could always “like” it.  I’m dying to try out the stats feature on the page, but I need 15 more “likes” before I get access to it.

And if you don’t want to like it with your real account (trust me, I get the whole protect-my-true-identity thing), you could always create a blog Facebook account.  That you use for all things having to do with your blog.  Not that I’ve done that or anything.


Hint: Liking my Facebook blog page may or may not be a valuable entry in an upcoming giveaway, so if you like it now, you’ll have a head start!


And just because it’s amazing to me . . . have any of you tried this perfume?


It smells good.

And I got an almost-full bottle of it for two bucks at the thrift store yesterday.


Sheesh, I don’t care if someone used a fifth of it already at those kind of prices!


Have a lovely (ha!) weekend, Friends!

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Amie said...

I've been following your blog since just about the same time Wyatt made his appearance into the world :) But to be honest I feel some of my blog content might offend you and I wouldn't want any followers who I might upset :S I did recently write a post on religion though, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you have time!

Jenna said...

Ahh I LOVE that perfume! And you got it for 2 bucks! Score!

Michelle said...

Aren't thrift store buys the best?! Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

I LOVE that perfume!

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