DIY Colored Glass (and the BIG day!)

Today is the day guys!  Today is the day we find out whether we're having a boy or a girl!  Around the time you are (most likely) reading this, we will be sitting in the waiting room of my doctor's office, getting ready for our ultrasound!  Please pray for a healthy baby (most importantly), and also say a little prayer that he/she will let us take a peek.  Because it would kind of put a damper on our gender reveal party if we didn't actually know the gender.

Anyway . . .

I've been talking a lot lately about the projects I've been working on around here, and a lot of the ideas I've gotten for projects are from Pinterest!  So I'm linking this up with Nicole's monthly Pinspired link party (which actually starts tomorrow, but I'm getting a head start).  It's where we all show off the projects we did that involved Pinterest in some way and tell how it went.  It's also good motivation to actually do some of those projects.

So you know those bottles I put in my living room?  That was a DIY project.  Below are the steps I went through.

Step One: Find some bottles.

I kind of had an idea in mind of what I wanted to do, so I went to the thrift store in search for some cheap glass bottles - and I wasn't disappointed!  There was a lot to choose from.  I would recommend to snag the pieces you want right away though.  I saw a bottle that I really liked, but I didn't buy it right away.  After I decided I just had to have it, I went back the very next day - and all the shelves where the glassware had been the day before were picked clean.  There were also middle aged men hunting through everything that remained.  It was like an episode of American Pickers: Thrift Store Edition.  I was seriously annoyed that one of these "pickers" seemed to have snagged that glass bottle.  Because it would have been perfect, you know.

However, I did manage to find some other bottles that would work, and the prices were all 2 dollars or under, so it worked out well.

Step Two: Color the glass.

I knew I wanted the glass to be colored though, so I found this tutorial for making your own colored glass.  I tried it and I was really happy with the results!

If you look closely you can see some of the brush marks where I painted the bottles (I did the blue and green ones - I just got lucky and found the purple vase at the thrift store). I think if you want to avoid having those brush marks you might try putting the mode-podge mixture inside the bottles instead and rotating it until it covers the whole surface.  You'll need a lot more mode podge with that method though, and it wouldn't have worked for my purposes because of the next step.

Step Three: Give fake water a try.

After I applied the mode-podge mixture and the bottles had dried to give them that nice colored-glass effect, I decided to arrange some flowers in them.  I bought a fake water kit from Hobby Lobby, and some flower stems, and got to work.

The fake water was really interesting to work with - it comes in a bottle and you just boil it until it's liquid, and then pour it into the vases/bottles and arrange your flowers from there.  Then the substance hardens into a gel and holds the flowers wherever you placed them.  I think it actually looks pretty cool!  And supposedly if you decide you want to use the "water" in a different vase, you just have to re-boil it and it'll go right back to liquid.

I will say that if you try the fake water thing, make sure to apply some sort of sealant over the flower stems (I just used mode podge again), because I guess the colors from the stems can bleed into the water.  So unless you are going for a muddy water look, sealing them is a good idea.

Step Four: Arrange, and pat yourself on the back!

Overall I'm really happy with the way my little arrangement turned out!  It fits right in with what I was going for, and it was fun to be able to personalize my living room decor a bit.

If you've done any Pinterest projects lately, don't forget to link them up on Nicole's blog tomorrow!

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Emily Powell said...

fake water...interesting. For sure makes it look more "real". Good job!

Nicole said...

Thanks for linking up! Love the new look... it's timeless. Don't forget to actually link it tomorrow if you can!

And, I can't wait to find out what #2 is! Eeeeee... so exciting!

Amanda said...

I love the painted glass! Looks great. I never would have guessed you'd painted it yourself.

Looking forward to your gender reveal!

Dove of Snow said...

Pretty! I'd never heard of using "fake water"! Interesting!

I'm so excited for you today! It is a big day!! Praying for your and your family and new little one on the way. :) Cannot wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl!!

katie said...

Cute bottles!

And hope everything goes great at your appt! :)

LeAnna said...

Very cool, I've never heard of a fake water kit! Hope today goes well!

Caitlynne and Jared said...

Those are beautiful! Hope everything goes well with your appointment! I can't wait to hear what Baby #2 is!!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

They are so pretty! Love the idea. I may try this to spice up our kitchen window seal! :)

Brittney said...

The painted glass is gorgeous! Cannot wait to hear what you're having:)

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